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Roy Woods Releases “I Feel It” Ahead Of EP



Eh-yo, Toronto, guess who’s back!

This Friday marked the release of the new song by Toronto-based rapper Roy Woods, ‘I Feel It’.

Not only the new song but also the music video was released on May 8th. 

This drop is also the first offering from Woods’ upcoming EP, Dem Times. 

In his interview with Rate R&B Woods explained that with this song he wanted to let his fans know he’s also going through hard times, just as they do – “I feel the pain too”. He also added that the song was created during a confusing time in his life, while a lot of ‘transitions’ were happening to him and his close friends.

Yes, the lyrics of the song have the literal meaning – “girl, I feel it too, it’s not just you.” It can also be interpreted as the song about problems in relationships (at least, that’s what came to my mind after I watched the music video). The music video shows the story quite literally — at first Woods and the “girl” are portrayed being sweethearts, chilling and smoking together. After this, they are starting to drift apart and are shown screaming and fighting.

What I’d personally like to highlight from the video — is the fact that the couple was portrayed doing “cute” things like hugging and holding hands instead of the ‘classical’ for the genre appearance of half-naked twerking girls. 

You can check out the music video below:

Roy Woods was laying low for the last couple of years, not considering a few singles in 2018-2019. Given this fact, we are, as well as the whole fanbase, could not be happier to finally get a taste from a new batch.

Dem Times will be released on May 15 via OVO Sound/Warner Records


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