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LB Spiffy Is On A Roll With New Release “Income”



The 18-year-old Jane and Finch rapper, LB Spiffy, released his new track “Income”. His last release ‘Not Lyin’ garnered major attention, gaining 281K views on the official music video. To know more about the behind the scenes of this video, fans can tune into Episode Two of LB’s SPIFFYVISION vlog where he shows how his psychedelic trip was created and how a day in his life looks like. But if fans are waiting for new music, his new track ‘Income’ is expected to be another banger that will contribute to the rise of the growing artist.  LB Spiffy posted a teaser on his Instagram about the anticipated track. The 3D visual was created by Simone Vezzani and showcases the Toronto skyline as hundred-dollar bills float everywhere. 

LB Spiffy’s profile is thriving fast within the music scene. He has amassed a strong fan base within his community as well as globally after his music was used in NBA2K reels on YouTube, generating millions of views, and ultimately, pushing him into the spotlight. Not to mention, his tracks ‘Situations’ and ‘My Phone’ caught the eyes of Drake and Kylie Jenner. Through platforms like Instagram and YouTube, he was able to accumulate an international audience and celebrity attention.  

Clearly, this is only the beginning of his successful career. After the release of ‘Income’, he will definitely gain even more fame and recognition. ‘Income’, produced by J Mak, will be on LB’s upcoming EP, arriving mid-summer 2020.


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