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Northside Benji Takes On Punta Cana For “Clicquot” Visuals



Do yourself a favour and check out NorthSideBenji’s entire catalogue, trust us, you won’t regret it. Get started by watching the music video for “Cliquot” above. 

NorthSideBenji is a new name to many fans of Toronto hip-hop, however it is about to be one of the most popular. Benji is the latest artist to represent Brampton, Ontario, following the footsteps of worldwide sensations like Alessia Cara and Tory Lanez. Benji’s sound is polished and accessible, it would fit right next to someone as established as Travis Scott on your playlist. Believe us, Benji is ready for the mainstream. 

2019 was a huge year for Benji, releasing two of the best projects to come out of the city – gaining himself a very deserving fan base. Benji is currently gearing up to release his next project, which is expected to be titled, E X T R A V A G E N T. He has been building up the anticipation for the project with his “#SorryForTheWeight” campaign, a pun that represents Benji now, and then. 

Not much information about NorthSideBenji is available online, but his music provides you with everything you need to know. Benji’s earliest releases came in 2017, but it wasn’t until he dropped Caviar Dreams in January of 2019 that he really began to take off. Tracks like “Confessions”, “Organization”, and “Levels” featuring Houdini, are some of our favourites, but really he’s never released a bad song. Benji rode the success of the album through most of 2019, before eventually releasing the equally, if not more, impressive Frienemy EP in October that same year. Benji has been relatively quiet since, aside from a couple dope freestyles and features, including appearing alongside Houdini on “Too Soft” for 6ixbuzz’s NorthernSound album. Benji shared with his fans that he had been struggling to get stuff done behind the scenes – citing label meetings as a potential cause for delaying new music. 

But because he is #SorryForTheWeight, he chose today to release an official music video to “Cliquot”, a standout from the Frienemy EP. The video was premiered on WorldStarHipHop’s YouTube channel, meaning the rest of the world is getting introduced to yet another dope artist out of Canada. 

The “Cliquot” music video was filmed in Punta Cana. The bright tropical energy of the video matches the tone of the song perfectly. Benji is filmed vibing out by himself, and with the crew, in a huge house on land, and a dope boat on water. He and his friends are popping champagne, dancing, barbecuing, and munching on fried chicken. They surely have had a lot to celebrate as of late, and this video captures them doing it. Check it out.


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