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Toronto Artist Friyie Releases New Music Video for ‘Flawless’



The born and raised Jane and Finch rapper, Friyie, dropped a new music video for his latest single ‘Flawless’ today. Following the release of this track which focused on flawless diamonds in its cover art, Friyie has now created visuals to display even more grandeur. Not only does the video showcase his refined jewelry collection, but it also shows you a new side of him that fans will be eager to see.

Cover Art of 2019 Single, ‘Flawless’

Cover Art of 2019 Single, ‘Flawless’

Throughout the past year, Friyie has released numerous music videos, but this new video was made to top them all. No comparison can be said because ‘Flawless’ was produced to be different from the rest. The song itself exudes luxury, therefore, the video will show nothing less than elite. In this new video, Friyie’s lavish lifestyle and energetic dance moves are emphasized within its Las Vegas and Ghana setting.

After his track ‘Money Team’ was discovered by Floyd Mayweather in 2016, the artist only continued to flourish. ‘Money Team’ was a crucial song to Floyd Mayweather’s soundtrack during the Mayweather vs. McGregor press conference in Toronto. Since then, Anzul Jennings, Mayweather’s business partner and close friend, assured Friyie that he has got Mayweather’s support. This life changing moment motivated him and inspired him to work even harder towards his dream.

Now, he has a loyal audience, a fire album, ANF (Ain’t Nothing Free), and a coming of age music video set to release this Friday, April 17th on all digital platforms. So, if you thought his album was good, then you are not ready for the incoming heat.

Watch “Flawless” Below.


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