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Myles Castello Makes Breakups Bubbly With New Single “Blue”



Scarborough native and up-and-comer Myles Castello dropped his latest single Friday after teasing it during a recent virtual performance. The track marks his first release since July 2019’s “Fade Away.” 


Where “Fade Away” was a brooding breakup anthem oozing night club danceability, the new single, “Blue,” is a departure from the quiet resentment that characterized Castello’s previous singles. “I’m sorry that I hurt you,” he croons on the opening lyric, backed by a simple beat and a sweet, soft acoustic guitar riff. From the first words that leave his lips, it’s clear that Castello is introducing audiences to a different, more vulnerable side of himself.

“‘Blue is about me hurting someone and them leaving,” says Castello of the track in a press release. “Them not being there to brighten up your day makes everything feel dull.” Unlike his other breakup tracks, “Blue” seems to indicate genuine regret — and conceals the heartbreak behind a deceivingly upbeat melody.

While maintaining all the injections of R&B that made the rolling beats of “Bad Company” and “Way Off” beckon listeners to the dancefloor, the bubbly hook of “Blue” showcases a poppier variation on Castello’s smooth style. Punctuated by angelic, choral “oohs” and high, sugary harmonies, “Blue” sounds like car rides, picnics, and sunshine; a track for a summer unhindered by pandemic pandemonium. The lyrical motif of colour and light certainly doesn’t hurt that fantasy. 

The track is Costello at his best — subtle crescendos into catchy hooks, silky vocals, and the ever-present invitation to dance.

“Blue” is the flagship single from Castello’s upcoming EP. After two years of releasing singles, the EP will be Castello’s first. Give it a listen to soundtrack your summertime daydreams and join us in eagerly awaiting the full project.

Listen to “Blue” below.


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