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Roy Woods Was Right – We Need a “Shot Again”



“Shot Again” is a reminder that Roy Woods is one of Toronto’s hottest hit-makers.

Aside from a few singles in 2018 and 2019, Roy Woods had been relatively quiet- until the release of “Bubbly”, which in itself is a late 2019 follow up to “Snow White” and “Russian Cream”, which released in 2018.  Roy Woods has been taking advantage of cracking drums, bouncing 808’s, and hooks that get the whole team excited for the club.

“Shot Again” is similar, but different. Again, Roy teams up with local and long-time collaborators, Prezident Jeff and S.L.M.N, producers from Toronto and Mississauga, respectively. Their production is aggressive and atmospheric. The melodies and soft synths take a back seat to the pounding drums. Roy Woods had no choice but to flex on us for the first half of the song;


“Went from underdog to big dog,

Came from Brampton, now I’m running with the 6-god”.

But uses the last half of the song to share that he’s got more to do.

“My ****** got grammy’s, now they said it’s time for me”.

The music video, released this past Friday, directed by Cameron Dean and produced by T&Shay X TrePalm, showcases the energy that Roy Woods seems to be moving with as of late. Roy is seen bopping to his song, mostly by himself, supporting our theory that he’s in a world of his own when he’s at his best.

“Shot Again” has us excited for the “new Roy Woods”, because he brought back some “Old Roy Woods”. The layering under his last verse, includes his natural, Michael Jackson-esque, crooning, reminding me of “All of You”, arguably my favourite Roy Woods song… until I heard how STUPID the drums went on “Shot Again”.


If “Shot Again” is any indication, Roy Woods is going to do everything he can to produce his best music and share it with the world. He’s releasing singles more frequently than in previous years, leading us to believe Roy is gearing up for the follow up to 2017’s “Say Less”.

Roy rose to fame with his Exis EP. Since then, he’s released several projects and singles, all of which have been unique and personal to his sound. As of late though, his music has been hitting differently. It could be a chip on his shoulder, or it could be more years in the game. Either way, we’re proud of his growth, and excited for his future. 


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