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TC Alone Deserves His “Flowers”



Every so often you’re introduced to music that changes your life. “FLOWERS” by TC ALONE can be one of those songs. 

TC ALONE, a Brooklyn-based artist, recorded his first project in Montreal back in 2016. Since, then, he’s spent time growing in Toronto. In 2017, he began working with FrancisGotHeat. Now, in 2020, he is the best of modern R&B, all wrapped up into one local talent. He can sing like The Weeknd, Daniel Caesar and Chris Brown, but chooses production like 6lack, Bryson Tiller, and Usher. Even with such aggressive comparisons, TC remains in a lane of his own. His voice is soulful and piercing, and it sounds great on the beats that he chooses. 


At the time of writing this, “FLOWERS” is his latest single. The song is dedicated to his fallen mother, whom he lost to cancer. It is clear by the tone and energy of the song, how important this was to TC, and because of that, his emotions transfer flawlessly. NOSCHT STUDIOS, a Toronto based film company, encapsulated the energy of the song with what seems to be an outdoor funeral. 


In announcing the release of “FLOWERS”, TC wrote, that his music is how he now communicates with his mother, and that she was the one “leading the performance”. It’s amazing to know how much this song means to TC. He did a great job delivering his mother’s message. 


TC allowed for the suspense of the song to build before he crashed in with his angelic vocals. He comes in with vocal effects and layering that resemble the likes of a worldwide smash. TC, the producer, Kevin-Dave, the guitarist Frank O’Sulivan, and co-writer, Chante Shanice, have created a top-tier pop song- but did so by expressing themselves as soulfully as possible. We love that shit.  

But even with the ability to move us with such a commanding voice, TC chooses not to do too much- he lets the production breathe. It’s as if he allows the accompanying guitar to sing with him- the end result being a beautiful ballad dedicated to his mother. 

The music video below, directed by Kostadin Kolev, of NOSCHT STUDIOS (Toronto-based), is the perfect compliment to such a heavy song. It’s simple, yet powerful. It’s an adaptation of TC singing to those who are close to him, while they mourn the loss of a loved one. The video is shot and coloured beautifully. The reds and greens are dulled, but still ever-present. Everyone involved in putting this release together should be given their flowers. A beautiful song, accompanied by a beautiful video, to commemorate a beautiful soul. RIP DENISE LUNDY. And congratulations, your son is a star. 


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