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Dom Dias Continues “TRACK & FEEL” SoundCloud Series



Photo by @cayradio

With the recent release of Issue 002, it only felt right to show song love to some of our original artist features.

On December 6th, friend of the magazine, Dom Dias shared his production flip on the OutKast classic “Jazzy Belle”.

Dom told us that with his TRACK & FEEL series he’s bringing back producer/DJ culture, stating, “I essentially wanted to bring back SoundCloud culture, well at least in my life. I love the idea of releasing ideas, bangers, and concepts without worrying about clearance — whether those ideas be a lo-fi influenced house record, or an 80’s Japanese soul sample that just needed some jiggy 808s and an Andre 3000 acapella”.

The flip sounds absolutely incredible and is a reminder how good Dom is, just in case you forgot. As smooth as the recording is, Dom plays with disorienting filters that will catch you by surprise, then pull you right back in.

Sometimes business can wait, but the art shouldn’t.

Check out “Stay With ME / Jazzy Belle Remix” below and show some love to Dom Dias for us.


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