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Un!dentified Returns With their Newest Hit “MY ROCKSTAR”



One of Vancouver’s newest upcoming bands, Un!dentified, is back with a new song. This band comprised of Justin Dosanjh, Harman Sandhu, and Sukhan Sandhu has a goal to create music that connects people. They want their music to evoke feelings among its listeners because every song is made with one in mind. It can be with an upbeat party song, a grimy rap song, or a melodic feel-good song. Un!dentified is known for their versatility, their ability to go from one genre to the next. They are known for staying outside the box and staying creative.

This time, their song “MY ROCKSTAR” will include elements of pop and rock, coupled with Un!dentified’s signature hip hop sound. This song begins with love song lyrics given through rap and then a pop style melodic chorus to marry the song together. According to the band, “MY ROCKSTAR” tells the story from the trio’s respective perspectives about pursuing a girl with a set mindset about a boy, due to the negative reputation her friends have given him. Throughout the story, the boy tries to prove himself by expressing his love for her. He talks about the pain that he feels from her thoughts and his strong passion to prove her wrong.

“The main message behind the song is that this boy calls the girl he’s trying to woo “MY ROCKSTAR” in the sense that he wants to be her number 1 fan and supporter in everything she does. He wants to be there for her when she’s down and there with her when she’s up because the love he feels for her is unlike anything he has ever felt before” says the band.

Overall, “MY ROCKSTAR” acts as a love letter to those who have a special someone in their life but are not given a chance to show their love because of preconceived notions standing in their way. The band hopes that people can relate to their message, while also enjoy its melody and production.

“MY ROCKSTAR” video below.


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