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Prometheus The Titan Debuts A New Single ‘What’s Come Over Me’



Much like the Greek God, Prometheus the Titan proves he is a man of fire with his new single, ‘What’s Come Over Me’. History says Prometheus was a trickster, a fore thinker and a master craftsman. He was known as the God of fire. The artist, Prometheus the Titan, honors this story about the God who was titled as “champion of mankind” for stealing fire from the other Gods and returning it to the people. Prometheus the Titan hopes to bring that same sense of power and courage within the music world. With time, he can become the “champion of music”.

Prometheus the Titan is a BC-based recording artist who began his music career when his single ‘Dasani’ spent weeks on Spotify’s Northern Bars Playlist. Since then, he has continued to release new music. His new single, ‘What’s Come Over Me’ delivers an upbeat and psychedelic vibe.

You can check out his new single on Spotify on below!


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