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Rising Artist Omaremii Releases New Single ‘Guy’



There is always talent that can be found within our city and one of those emerging talents is afro-centric artist, Omaremii. Omaremii was born in Nigeria where he learned to master several instruments such as piano, drums, clarinet and saxophone by the young age of 5. He was disciplined by his father to work hard and focus on his craft. Later in his life, Omaremii moved from Lagos to Toronto where he currently resides. He studied Business Marketing at Trent University and learned to adjust to the Canadian lifestyle which was difficult due to the language barriers and western customs. In addition to this struggle, he endured a health problem in 2015 where there was a complication with his heart, and he needed an impromptu surgery to replace a major valve. For this reason, his life changed dramatically. He was no longer able to live a regular student life. He had to give up partying, dating and playing on a varsity roster. Instead, he needed guidance and assistance to do everyday tasks and to help him heal.

He spent more time in his bedroom and because of this, his relationship with music grew stronger. Music became his escape. He started producing and created 5 beats per day. This helped stimulate his mind and creativity. Not long after, the melodies and song writing began. This is how he turned into the afro-fusion artist, producer and songwriter he is today. He overcame one of the most difficult stages in his life and used it to master his artistry.

Omaremii is now known for his singles, alongside opening for Burna Boy and DaVido on their tour dates in Toronto. His latest single, ‘Guy’ featuring Bolu Ajibade, is set to release this Friday, November 20th. This song is about a man who longs for his past love. He takes listeners through a nostalgic journey as he reflects back on his last relationship and attempts to prove to his partner that he has not changed, that he is still the man she fell in love with. He tries to prove that he is still that guy. Bolu Ajibade, his collaborator, offers soothing and supporting vocals within the song, as he emphasizes the feelings his partner kindles as well. This afro-centric single represents the Afrobeat genre which is thriving in the music scene due to artists like Wizkid, Maleek Berry and Cruel Santino.

Omaremii’s next project titled Weather Dun Change is also set to release this fall. This project will highlight the nuances of a love story as it goes through the seasons. He will delve into themes of romance, heartbreak and nostalgia, so if you enjoy ‘Guy’, you cannot miss out on this project.


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