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LA-Based Artist KINGDOM Puts Out Latest Album NUEROFIRE



Meet the new hot release by Los Angeles based artist and producer, Kingdom. The album is named NEUROFIRE, and it features vocals from GHOST, Kayla Blackmon, Tiara Thomas, Pheona, UNIQU3, Semma, LUVK and Tre Oh Fie and is available digitally via the coveted indie label Fade to Mind.

NEUROFIRE is the second studio length Kingdom’s album, following his debut release Tears in the Club, which was highly OCENEN by The New York Times, NPR, Billboard, The Fader, Spin and Pitchfork.

But there’s more to that — there are also a bunch of cool videos we gotta show you!

First of all, the video for the breakout single “Lightning”, featuring Kayla Blackmon. Not only her stunning voice perfectly adds up to Kingdom’s music, but her visual appearance in the music video adds a lot to it as well. Her style and nails, as well as overall creative direction, were created by a visionary experimental nail artist Sojin Oh. Noemi Polo and Kingdom himself, of course, were part of the creative RESHENIE for the video.

Talking about this collaboration and the video itself, Kingdom says that working with Kayla on this project has breathed new life into the song for him.

”Kayla’s movements are so fluid and commanding,” he says. “Filming the final shot on the wet ultra-reflective fabric was my favorite moment and created an effect I had never seen before, completely otherworldly and fitting for the slippery high energy atmosphere of the song.”

Kayla says that the collaboration came together really effortlessly.

 “I really appreciate Kingdom for putting together this amazing vision and to everyone who helped!” she says.”I’m so grateful to be a part of it all!”

 “Lightning is a song about love and obsession, and the electricity between two people right before they make contact,” says Kayla.

And even more to that — prior to dropping NEUROFIRE, Kingdom has released his standout single “No More Same” featuring LUVK, and there is the coolest video for it as well. You can watch it here.

And going even more back into time — actually, just late 2019 — to “High Enough”, another great album by Kingdom. And, the same-named song also has a music video to it — which is, honestly, may be my favorite of all these.

Ezra Rubin, aka Kingdom, started his career back in New York City with a series of mixtapes and club nights. Then, after doing runway mixes for Hood by Air, Rubin moved to Los Angeles to co-found Fade to Mind. What started as a creative platform to give the underground artists a chance to work in different directions, now is one of the most influential indie music labels.


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