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Machine Gun Kelly Releases “Tickets To My Downfall”



Want some good-ass news? Here you go! Just recently, Machine Gun Kelly dropped a new album. The album was released following his recent performance at last month’s MTV Music Video Awards, where he got Best Alternative Video prize for “Bloody Valentine” and got newly nominated for a Billboard Music Award. Released on September 25, Tickets to My Downfall is a fifth studio album of the band.

The album was executive produced by Blink-182’s Travis Barker and features artists such as Halsey, Trippie Redd, blackbear, and more. The release also has a deluxe addition to it, sold exclusively at Target, which includes four bonus tracks, such as “Misery Business”, “Roll the Windows Up”, “In These Walls (My House)” and “Love on The Brain”.

But more about the release itself. I guess, if you heard it already, you can already tell it’s a bit surprising. I mean, well, yeah, MGK has already been doing a lot of work using instrumental music and punk rock elements, but Tickets to My Downfall is just a full-on pop-punk album. And no wonder — thanks to Blink-182’s Travis Barker who’s been working on the album alongside Kelly. When asked about “leaving the hip-hop scene” during his chat with cast members from the recent Netflix movie Project Power, Kelly says he’s not leaving yet.

“I would like to normalize how we think about doing multiple types of music,” Kelly says. “I didn’t ‘switch genres’; I’m versatile, and the wall isn’t boxed in.”

And he’s totally right. What’s even more interesting, is that he’s actually been working in quite a wide genre range. While Bloom is more of a lyric rap, where he’s also using a lot of instruments; there are of course these super-rap albums like Till I Die, which is considered to be representing his signature sound. And then there’s Hotel Diablo, which is a pop-rap album. And then – BOOM — a punk-rock release.

“Limitations would cause you to believe that, because I’ve put out four albums that are rap, I shouldn’t put out a fifth album that’s not rap,” says Kelly.

But I personally believe that this wide range of sound is not only cool for adding some variety to your playlist but also shows that MGK is evolving, both as a person and as a musician.

Talking about personal growth and change — Tickets to My Downfall is a great example of how Kelly has changed since his last release. Even in Hotel Diablo, he started to show off his emotions more and talk about things he really cares about. In between the albums, he was also sharing a lot of private stuff on this social media; and now, here you go — this new album is all about what he is going through. And that’s why the punk rock sound to this album is just perfect — cause, in my opinion, rock is much more about emotions than rap is.

Thankfully, the situation in the world is starting to slowly but surely go back to normal, and Machine Gun Kelly takes this chance and sets some shows in partnership with NoCap.  MGK will perform Tickets to My Downfall at his first US concert of 2020 on Thursday, October 1 with a special guest Travis Barker. A week after, he’ll perform Hotel Diablo. Both shows will be live-streamed for fans, but be sure to get your tickets, cause the show is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity and won’t be available to stream after the event.

Tickets are available starting at 12 AM EST on Friday, September 25th at MGK.NOCAPSHOWS.COM. You can also add exclusive MGK x Roxy Event merchandise on the same website! Isn’t it great?


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