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SEXFORSAINTS Releases First Collection | Event Recap + Interview



Saint, A Toronto and Montreal based designer held a launch event for his first collection and clothing label, SEXFORSAINTS. The name of the brand is a play on words for two things that are not supposed to go together, tying directly to the theme of the collection. This collection is called “ANTI-HERO”, which focuses on the idea of rebellion and vigilantism and is heavily influenced by his own in-house manga “Tiger and Moonie”.

We were able to get a first look at the concept space he created called “UNIVERSIA” before the show. The space was laid with turf, small trees and mannequins which featured tiger heads, a major part of the themes within the collection. The main screen showed various anime clips to set the theme for the event. Later in the evening, Toronto’s very own UNIMERCE came out to perform a set to end off a successful night.

We got a chance to ask Saint a few questions about his new label,

When did you start designing clothes? 

I’ve always been into fashion. Initially it was through the lens of a “hypebeast”. I was the biggest sneakerhead. From Jordan’s, to Kobe’s, and eventually to Designer. I rocked with everything. Then naturally I started getting into Billionaires Boys Club, Obey, Diamond Supply. As I got older Supreme, and Bape. It wasn’t until about two years ago I actually started designing. Originally, I was making womenswear. (Dresses, Skirts, Pants). As I got better, I noticed myself naturally transitioning back into streetwear, which was originally what got me into fashion in the first place.

Have you always been into fashion and designing clothes? Where did the love for it come from? 

I’ve always been into dressing well. I love attention, I love to stand out, naturally fashion was my way of doing it. I spent my whole life as an athlete up until a few years ago. Specifically, soccer. Played for Team Canada on the youth team, spent time at Toronto FC at their Academy, it was my life. Suddenly I realized I was crazy good at it, but not passionate. So, I dropped it completely, and started taking fashion design seriously.

Is there a meaning behind the name SEXFORSAINTS?

SEXFORSAINTS is an oxymoron, it was supposed to be ironic. Everyone always has an opinion of the way things should be, the way you should think, the way you should act, the way you should dress. Society loves to tell you what you can and can’t do. Putting sex and saints together was supposed to be an ironic way of saying Fuck you to all these rules. It means deciding things for yourself, and following your destiny.


Do you have any designers that you look up to? 

Got love for supreme as a label, the way they present themselves as a label has always inspired me. It’s always hard to look up to designers, cause fundamentally I don’t feel like I’m approaching design the same way. It’s hard to look up these designers from a design standpoint for that reason. Got love for Virgil, and Kanye, but it’s because of their energy and the way they carry themselves. I want that same respect for myself, it’s what I strive and work hard for.

Who would be a dream collaboration? Would you rather stay independent? 

I don’t believe in staying independent. Collaboration is key. As long as it’s the right one. I love collaboration because it’s part of culture. There’s a lot of labels, artists, and individuals we will collaborate with. As long as everything we do as a label is a moment in time, and special. I put a lot of energy into not only the pieces and garments we put out, but also the story we build around the brand and each collection.


What would you say your style is for your label? 

The future is bright. We got a lot of crazy things ahead. 2019 was just the beginning, and it was so big. I can’t even imagine how big 2020 will be. I’m excited. Big shows, collaborations, and of course, a new collection.

Where did your idea for the theme of “Anti Hero” and vigilance for this collection come from?

“Tiger and Moonie” is an in-house manga I wrote. Everything about the collection comes out of that book. All the designs, the theme, and energy of the collection pulls from there. “Anti-Hero” to me is about vigilantism and being jaded.

What celebrity would you like to see in your label?

Honestly, I just want to see everyone who’s meant to wear this label, wearing this label. Right now, I’m just working to get the label visible as possible. I know once we get the eyes on us that need to be on us, the right people will come, but Uzi, Billie Eilish, Jaden Smith, to name a few, would go hard in this.

If you had the choice of premiering at any fashion show, where would you go?  


What does the future look like for SEXFORSAINTS? 

The future is bright. We got a lot of crazy things ahead. 2019 was just the beginning, and it was so big. I can’t even imagine how big 2020 will be. I’m excited. Big shows, collaborations, and of course, a new collection.

Keep an eye out for SEXFORSAINTS and other upcoming Canadian designers looking to make their mark in 2020.


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