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Kanye West Announces Watch The Throne Sequel



It took Kanye West 3 words to flip the music world upside down on Saturday, “throne2 coming soon.”

The drama surrounding Kanye and the Roc-Nation leader Jay-Z seems to be behind them as Mr.West decided to ‘leak’ that the sequel to the 2011 joint album “Watch the Throne” is on the way. The face value of this is simple: we’re getting another Jay and Kanye album and it’s sure to be fire, but the background audience is thinking, ‘how did this happen behind the scenes?’ With all of the beef these two legends have been involved in with each other in the past couple of years it was easy to think that Jay-Z and Kanye had washed their hands and went separate ways, but now we know this is not the case, or is it?


Kanye has recently made amends with a lot of people who he has wronged or left on bad terms with, including Kid Cudi who he released a joint album with this past summer titled ‘Kids See Ghosts’. This is a positive thing for the fans who want the ‘Otis’ duo back together as this shows Kanye means it when he says he is done beefing with other artists and is all about the ‘Love’.

There is also the high-chance that this is just a random tweet from Kanye which is not unusual as of late with the artist ranting on twitter almost every other day, most recently about his beef with Drake.

With that we are left with a number of possibilities. Are Kanye and Jay actually dropping WTT2…or is it possible that West is releasing it alone with new features? The second idea is not the obvious first choice for fans but it is a possibility.

News comes out everyday about what goes on in Hollywood and Kanye confirms a lot of rumours himself, but nothing has been said about the Roc nation leader and Kanye’s relationship for a long time. This has led fans to believe that he may be releasing ‘Throne2’ as a solo project with features from new artists.


And then there are the conspiracy theorists who say they are beefing for the money but lets be real, Jay-Z does not have those issues and Kanye is back on top with multiple albums he produced dropping this past summer.

The bottom line is that the fans are left waiting for more news on the potential album and will be speculating all the possibilities until then, but for now fans will have to listen to the original project if they want to satisfy their need for a Jay/Kanye collab.




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