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Nav Takes Waterloo in Sold Out Show | Sidedoor Exclusive Video



Watch –  Nav @ Laurier University Recap Video

Directed by Christian Brennan

On the night of September the 4th the crowd at Laurier University eagerly awaits Nav’s performance, having been hyped up by a lively performance by Toronto’s own Clairmont the Second. Nav takes the intensity of the crowd to another level, as he enters with Freshman List playing in the background. He continues to perform various tracks from all three of his albums, including a couple tracks off of his latest release, ‘Reckless’.

Photography by Christian Brennan

Rexdale producer and rapper, Nav, has been on the come-up in the past two years with three album releases. His features with big names in the industry such as, The Weeknd, Drake, Travis Scott and Lil Uzi Vert have captured him into the mainstream spotlight seemingly overnight.

Nav gained his influential connections in the industry after years of producing hit songs for major artists. Despite his success, Nav was typecast early on as being a studio musician, with many criticizing his live performances. Having seen Nav perform last year along with Playboi Carti, and having a chance to see him live at Laurier University, it is clear that Nav has spent a lot of time crafting his live performance. Most notably, it is apparent that he has perfected his live auto-tuning affects to match that of his studio tracks. After Nav sold out his performance at Laurier University with top quality on-stage production, it is clear to say that the studio musician argument no longer stands.

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Photography by Christian Brennan


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