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Mac DeMarco is the King of the Royal Mountain | Sidedoor Video Exclusive



Mac DeMarco was chosen as the main headliner for the Royal Mountains Record Festival in Hamilton featuring other bands such as the U.S Girls and Calpurnia. Royal Mountain Record’s debut festival was organized in collaboration with the event company Lower Limits hosted at Rasberry Farm near the Royal Botanical Gardens, making it one of the most unique venue spaces of this summer.

Photo by Christian Brennan

Photo by Christian Brennan

Mac DeMarco walks onto stage surrounded by dark blue lights, wearing a bucket hat over his eyes setting a mysterious vibe before he has even started. He starts his set off with the erie atmospheric synth track On the Level off his latest 2018 album release ‘This Old Dog’. He doesn’t take long before he starts diving deeper into his earlier discography, picking out favourite tracks from his sophomore studio Salad Days to bring the back energy up. Mac vibes out on stage to a couple of his tracks, swinging around mics and breaking a part of the stage set in the process, but the indie artist remains unfazed by it. A couple songs in, Mac decides to bring in an eager fan from the audience, the fan jumps on stage and asks to play the guitar over a song. Interestingly Mac thinks its a better idea to have him put his shoes on his hands and wave them around while a couple fans in the audience decide to take off their shoes and do the same.

The unique set is finished off by a jam session by the rest of the bandmates managing to incorporate a cover of 50 cent’s In Da Club into a song and ends the concert with a extended version of My Kind of Woman. Mac DeMarco brings his carelessly weird vibes into his set to create an unforgettable experience for all of Royal Mountain Records at the Rasberry Farm in Hamilton.

Photos By Christian Brennan and luca dichio


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