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FOREFRONT: Shoreline Mafia | LA’s Underground Renaissance



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Ohgeesy (left), Master Kato (middle left), Fenix (middle right), Rob Vicious (right).

After signing a major label deal with Atlantic Records, the West Coast rap group plans to take their talents to the next level.

Shoreline Mafia has been shaking L.A.’s underground rap scene for about a year now, and are already starting to get the global attention they deserve. After catching the eye of major record label Atlantic Records, they put pen to paper signing their first major music deal on May 4th of 2017. Six months later the rap group (including members Ohgeesy, Fenix, Rob Vicious, and Master Kato) delivered their debut project ‘ShorelineDoThatShit’, comprised with some of the waviest joints that has come out of L.A. in a while. The project includes songs such as “Whuss the Deal”, “Nun Major”, “Bottle Service”, and their biggest track to date, “Musty”, racking up millions of streams throughout music platforms such as Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, and Youtube.

Many may realize that on a couple of the groups bigger songs like ‘“Musty” and “Whuss the Deal”, only Ohgeesy and Fenix are featured on them. This is because the group was only fully formed in 2016, but existed as a crew in 2014. Shoreline Mafia started off with only two of the four members, as Ohgeesy tells XXL that “I met Fenix doing graffiti. We were getting super tight, started making music. Then eventually we just put Rob and Kato in.” The two new members then only just added to Shoreline’s success, giving the group the grit they needed, as well as fire verses.


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Another key aspect in Shorelines success thus far is their producer, RonRon. The West Coast group and the 21 year old producer didn’t necessarily start off on good terms, as they were originally in an altercation about a stolen beat. From what was said in an interview with No Jumper, Ohgeesy was on the lookout for ‘west coast beats’ for the group to rap on. This is when they came across one of RonRon’s old beat’s on soundcloud, leading them to downloading and rapping over the instrumental. The song ended up blowing up, catching RonRon’s attention. Although this was a theft things turned out for the better, as the producer and Shoreline decided to put all the beef aside and instead, started working together. The collaboration would end up birthing Shoreline Mafia’s debut project ‘ShorelineDoThatShit’. Fenix has admitted that “we were doing a whole lotta’ bad shit when we met”, but it looks like the group is ready to put that behind them and focus on what really matters, the music. The mafia’s latest track “Bands” includes all four members, showing what they can do as a unit.


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Shoreline has kept consistent with releasing music videos along with their tracks, most them showing the group around their deep crew made up of many different people, including producers, taggers, skaters, and many more. One thing that stands out in their videos though, is their love for lean.

On September 28, 2017, Fox News aired a segment on the group criticizing them for their improper usage of the drug, but in the end only helped Shoreline get to where they wanted to be, stardom. This may have gotten some of the members evicted from their homes and put on watch by the feds, but the Mafia isn’t to worried about that anymore, getting the more positive attention through their music. They’ve even used parts of the news segments for some of the intros/endings for a couple of their tracks.

The group has made it known that they want to be the waviest rappers around saying in an interview with XXL that “We wanted a name that incorporated like, waves and shit, feel me.” Ohgeesy then explained that “I feel like we were the waviest niggas around. Free Max B! All we do is get wavy, because we some wavy-ass niggas. And I was like, ‘Yo, where the fuck do the waves start?’ The shoreline. Shoreline Mafia”.

The young group is on the right path to success, constantly dropping new songs and videos for the fans to vibe too. They even released a 4 track EP titled “Party Pack” on August 31 of this year. We anticipate great things from Shoreline Mafia, bringing in a different sound with all of L.A on their back, and hope the group keeps the bad behind them.


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