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Sean Leon (The Death Of)




Toronto is no doubt producing some of the most talented artist in the music industry lately. Sean Leon is most definitely one that stands out from the rest. The young artist is making his way up, introducing a unique style and sound to the game.

The Canadian artist has been making noise around the city the last few years, known not only for his musical talent, but also his innovative & inspiring visuals when it comes to photography and short films. There is a story to tell with each of his creative projects, which makes the quality that much better.

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Sean Leon dropped his most recent project Sean Leon (The Death Of) at midnight on September 11/18. The 20-song album is an instant classic that you need to hear from start to finish. It includes a variety of sounds that covers all of your moods in one. Whether you’re chillin’ getting high with the homies, cruising around the city on those late night drives, in your zone crafting your art, to even getting turnt with the crew catching a vibe downtown. The variation of songs flow smoothly transitioning from one to another, keeping you tuned in for the 30 minute ride. You can hear the art behind the production that goes to show their was a lot of work and passion that went into the music. Leon not only raps but also sings. However, you can catch a few songs with minimal lyrics that allows listeners to really soak in the vibes and just relax in a peaceful state of mind, such as Big Bank Account.

Many stories are to be told, which gives you more of an inside of the “The Mind of Sean Leon”. He touches upon many subjects such as struggles he’s been through, his love/lust life, his up and coming experiences and tales from his personal life. Leon doesn’t shy away from expressing his feelings, thoughts and beliefs.


The album was mixed and mastered by the one and only, Eestbound.

“This is my boy Eestbound, got this done for free. I got the hookup, that’s my lil bro” – Sean Leon

Leon ends off the project with a short message, self-reflecting and reminiscing certain points in his life that brought him where he is today. The album itself is a work of poetry, which can be interpreted in many different ways. The Death Of can mean Leon talking about the death of his old life, due to his new found fame and fortune, to how people really don’t appreciate/love you until you’re gone. Their are many different ways to go about this.

We leave you here, Sean Leon (The Death Of), that’s definitely worth the listen. Congrats to Sean Leon on his pristine album! Keep climbing the ladder and influencing many through your music.


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