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La Mar Taylor introduces “HXOUSE” – A new home for Toronto Artists



The fall season of 2018 is a new beginning for artists in the city. HXOUSE will change the creative industry moving forward. XO’s Creative Director, La Mar C Taylor, is in the works of building a next-generation incubator, available for artists to their make dreams reality. The 30,000 square-foot facility, located at the city’s waterfront, will provide studio rooms and all equipment needed for recording, producing and designing, at a low cost. HXOUSE is the new home for artists, creatives and talents.

La Mar Taylor’s vision to start off the project came from his own struggles, as well as the rest of the XO crew members. Growing up in the East End of Toronto, he mentioned it was difficult making it out. He linked up with The Weeknd on their first day of high school and they connected from the jump. With similar passion for music, fashion and arts, La Mar was a big part of The Starboy’s success.


When stepping foot into the industry, La Mar explained that “Toronto wasn’t a thing yet”. They had to go out there and make a name for themselves. He helped The Weeknd with his first few projects such as Thursday, Echoes of Silence and House of Balloons, assisting with the visual and artistic aspects that would influence many across the city. Although Toronto is up now, he says that the city is too focused on development, opposed to showcasing our talents.

When on the “Legend of the Fall” tour back in 2017, his team would work on the project by visiting different incubators and music facility’s in Europe seeking influence and inspirations.


“We wanted to see how people do it so we can learn from the best and also see what we could do different.” said HXOUSE business partner, Ahmed Ishmail.

La Mar and Ahmed came up with an idea that benefit the youth for tomorrow.

They added an academic curriculum connection to HXOUSE, teaming up with George Brown College and OCAD University both located in downtown Toronto. Students will soon be able to earn credits for their degree, while also practicing their passion for the arts. What a time for Toronto!

“I want the next generation to win” explains La Mar Taylor. “If they’re better than me at what I do, they just give me inspiration to sharpen my sword. I hope they come and replace me one day.”

HXOUSE, coming this fall.


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