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Ian Connor’s Sicko – ‘Born From Pain’



Ian Connor releases ‘Born From Pain’, the first collection from his highly anticipated brand Sicko. Following his Revenge x Storm colab, Ian Connor shifted his focus to his brand Sicko, with various artists being seen wearing the unreleased merch including Lukas Sabbat and Virgil Abloh. Massive cosigns have hyped up this exclusive Born From Pain collection. Ian claims this release will be his last drop before an early retirement.

“My Early Retirement
Sicko, 2 Weeks, Then I’m Fin.”


Who Is Ian Connor?


Ian Connor originally entered fashion as a model, but at 5’5 he didn’t fit the male model stereotype too well. Ian managed to make his way into A$AP Mob via A$AP Barri who he looked up to due to his fashion style – a couple years later Connor and Barri would have a falling out and be seen fighting inside a store in Paris. He became the creative director for A$AP Rocky and this opened opportunities for fashion consulting for Kanye West on his Yeezy Season collections. During this time Ian was accused of sexual assault, causing a lot of controversy in the fashion industry. More recently, Ian has gained the most attention from his cosigned Revenge x Storm shoe collection.


Sicko Born From Pain


The project Born From Pain includes 2 shirts using his Bjork themed font for the Sicko print and reading “Born From Pain” beneath, as well as a shoulder pocket on the sleeve. The collection also includes 2 sets of black and white hoodies with the same theme and 2 sweatpants reading Sicko on the side.

Connor’s Previous Storm x Revenge line up was themed around revenge to all the people who hated and doubted him and the close ties he has recently cut. The Sicko brand is an extension of that and a way for Ian to embrace his inner vices and demons. He continues the theme in his clothing when the tag reads “MADE IN PAIN”.

Check out Ian Connors potentially last release on his website or see the collection images below.


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