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Remembering XXXTentacion – Official ‘17’ Merch Released on 1 Year Anniversary




In memory of XXXTentacion, his estate released official merchendise for his 2017 debut album ’17’ on its 1-year anniversary.  The release includes clothing along with a digital download of the album. The clothing uses the late rappers handwriting with one reading, “There is no end to the pain you must be numb” taken from his album cover.

X was the most prominent rapper to bring Soundcloud rap genre to the mainstream’s attention with his track ‘Look At Me’ and soon after sparked controversy when he claimed Drake stole his flow soon after it became popular. It wasn’t long after this that fans began to look deeper into the rapper’s discography and would quickly find a wide variety of songs ranging from aggressive screamo styled rap to melancholy emo inspired tracks. These emotional tracks drew inspiration from various alternative rock groups that X listened to growing up, the influence can be seen through his samples of bands like Teen Suicide in songs as well as his use of the  #altrock tag on his Soundcloud songs, fully embracing the aesthetic.


The late rapper’s album ‘17’ was his debut album release and it was a way for him to take all these emotional feelings and compile them into one coherent project for his fans to experience in it’s entirety. His goal was to make his listeners to step into his mind and on the opening track he explains “Here is my pain and thoughts put into words”.

In mid-August, ’17’ was conveniently certified Platinum just days before it’s 1 year anniversary. The merchandise collection that was just released looks to capture those feelings that X was conveying in that album as well as a way for fans pay respects to the late artist and further appreciate his work.


Rest easy X


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