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Billie Eilish – Like a Hostage | The Strength in Vulnerability



Like A Hostage

Billie Eilish’s ‘hostage’ music video shows strength in vulnerability.



The concluding track of Billie Eilish’s debut EP, released last December, was brought to life with the help of Mosaert and Henry Scholfield in her new music video, released October 8th. The haunting melodies of ‘hostage’ are accompanied by visual representation with minimalist and poetic style. Filmed in Toronto, Eilish and her partner are set in a room mimicking the claustrophobic nature of overwhelming emotion. Love can express itself in many forms, and this song’s possessive lyrics and implicit confusion depict the difficult side to it.

At 16 years old, Eilish continues to impress the world with her talent and originality. She seems to capture the attention of her audience by simply staying true to the emotion she feels and conveys it in her music. In past interviews she’s expressed a distain for the mould of music artists, even admitting the pain and struggle with herself. From her release of Ocean Eyes in 2016 to this most recent work, it is clear Eilish is coming into her own and finding ways to express her unique strengths. By doing so, she has contributed the flexibility of expression. Her music videos have presented forgotten elements of art in music.

The longshots follow the elegant twists of back and fourth between the pair as the set literally comes alive. The production takes her audience by surprise as it introduces layers of self-destruction in the helplessness between Eilish and her partner. By making herself the aggressor, Eilish fosters empathy from her audience for all roles played in these tormenting moments.  This carefully executed video perfectly conveys the intensity of the original track through a malleable and artistic playground.


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