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Clairmont the Second Q+A | Sidedoor Exclusive



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After seeing Clairmont the Second play live in Waterloo we set up an interview with the young Toronto artist to find out some more about his creative visions and direction in his music.

What are some of your biggest musical influences?

I’m heavily influenced by RnB, Neo-Soul, Jazz, & Gospel. I bring all those elements to my rap music.

Your brother (Cola) is part of the Punk band the OBGM’s, does that have any influence on your sound or how you approach music?

I basically grew up with the band so it definitely plays a part in my music. The lead singer of the band, Denz has bars too. From writing style to vocal play, work that they’ve done definitely play through my mind when I’m working on music.

What are some of your thoughts on the Toronto music scene and your personal experience now that you are an independent artist?

I think it’s very interesting. I think there’s a lot of a great music from here that goes overlooked and underappreciated. I had to really stop paying attention to the “Toronto Music Scene” and just pay attention to my music, my friends’ music, and my family. I’m not concerned with what anyone else is doing. It’s bad for my health. I’ve actually been independent since the beginning and was only signed for an album re-release which was very short term; I’m glad that a re-release was all that it was. I definitely like being independent a lot more. I would say it’s been really hard for my career especially in Toronto. I’ve put in the work, the music is undeniably great and well put together. I just need everyone to take it serious as well but patience is key.

Who are some of your favourite Toronto artists right now?

Clairmont The Second, Hezi, Cola H., Denz, Keita Juma, Spek Won

The video for Gheeze has a very unique aesthetic, is there any inspirations or stories behind the video?

I just knew what I wanted to put on the screen and I already have kind of a reoccurring type of aesthetic to all my videos if you watch them all. Gheeze is actually the video I wanted to do first but it was too expensive and my make-shift skill level wasn’t as high as it is now. “The Ave in You” ended up being the first video which I love. “Gheeze” is like “The Ave in You” video ramped up times 10.

Any words on the track ‘Grain’ teased at the end of the video? Do you have any upcoming projects you are excited to release this year?

Grain is an important record off of an important album. I’ll leave it there

Looking forward to all of Clairmont’s new projects this year. Stay updated on Clairmont.


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