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Yung Tory | Mr.YawwYaww




OTF label star Yung Tory has been a dominant Soundcloud era rapper out of Toronto while still repping his Jamaican and Grenadian roots.

Tory, also known as Mr.YawwYaww on social media, has been putting out music for the GTA since his single ‘Water’ came out on Spotify and iTunes, his first single to make it onto all streaming platforms. Before ‘Water’ though was Tory’s Soundcloud/Youtube music that has been coming out since 2015. This includes his first song on Soundcloud ‘Come & Go’ and others such as his ‘Counting’ freestyle’ and ‘I know’ featuring Young Jizzel, another Toronto native.

While 2015 and 2016 were growth years for Yung Tory, 2017 was the biggest year of his career thus far. In 2017 Yung Tory signed with Lil Durk’s OTF label (Only the Family). This signing put Tory on some of Durk’s singles and skyrocketed Tory’s own market value as he was presented to a whole new audience, drill rapping. This style can be seen in Tory’s most recent song and hit single ‘Mizu’ where he takes on the style of a hard-hitting beat with one liners supporting the drop. This style has become Tory’s trademark since signing with OTF but in certain songs you can still hear his old self which keeps fans of each style happy. Mizu has also become a viral hit with it spawning the #MizuChallenge where at significant drops in the song people do their favourite dance moves and post it all over IG and Twitter and Yung Tory reposts as many as he can each day.


With all the publicity from the challenge videos and the song itself, Mr.YawwYaww has also posted snippets on his Insta stories and previews music in the background of his IG live so stay tuned for more music from the OTF label star. The best place to view his new songs when they do drop are Soundcloud as the rapper stays true to his roots and gives his oldest fans the nostalgia of opening soundcloud to listen to that new Tory.

Tory’s following is going up in popularity with his IG hitting 100k followers these past few months and the challenge videos growing in size do to their appearances on social media pages and Toronto fan accounts across the web. The newest thing fans are looking forward too is a possible ‘Happy Now’ remix he has in the works since he posted a snippet on his IG a few days ago tagging both Zedd and Elley Duhe who created the song. Look for it to drop on Soundcloud first and come back to Sidedoor for the reaction when it drops and for more info on Toronto-based rappers.


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