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No Name’s Long Awaited Release Of Room 25 Is Confirmed Unapologetic, Original, and Powerful.



Long awaited release of Room 25 is confirmed Unapologetic, Original, and Powerful.


Noname, self-proclaimed SoundCloud rapper, continues to break down artistic barriers with the release of her first studio album, Room 25, on September 14. Noname recently began to gain traction with the release of her mixtape in 2016 titled, Telefone. Previously, this Chicago rapper was notably featured on Chance the Rapper’s infamous mixtape, Acid Rap, under the name Noname Gypsy.

As an independent artist, Noname has evolved her lullaby rap’s bouncy flow by introducing a heavier perspective in the tone and topic of her new album. In Room 25, Noname directly addresses issues of racism and segregation in her song, Blaxploitation, and derives inspiration from society’s dysfunctional norms in Prayer Song. In working as an independent artist, Noname has found a support within her community of Chicago rappers, many of which are featured on the album. Noname’s much anticipated collaboration with Saba and Smino in Ace lighten the vibe with what can only be described as a buttery track. Rayvn Lenae also appears as a feature, creating a romantic and vibrant sound in Montego Bay. Noname’s understanding of her music evidently enables the flexibility within her sound throughout the album.

This artist poetically demonstrates the dynamic elements of rap through Room 25’s layered production and simplicity. Her bold, yet humble lyrics allude a story that is left to interpretation, allowing her audience to personalize each track. The support from Noname’s growing fanbase has enabled her to experiment as an independent artist; here’s to hoping Room 25 is just the beginning.


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