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Drake vs Kendrick Lamar: How Will This End?



May 3rd to May 7th without a doubt holds one of the most historic and shocking timelines in hip hop’s history. Why? Two of hip hop’s heavyweights, Drake & Kendrick Lamar, went blow for blow in ways we don’t think anyone expected – and it got ugly, real quick. 

Here’s our breakdown of the battle up until this point, including: 

  • Timeline break down (what happened)
  • Notable lyrics & the meaning(s) behind them
  • Our thoughts up until this point
  • How we think each artist could get the W.. or take the L
  • Who we think is winning at this very moment
  • Where we think this battle is heading




Earlier in the day on May 5th Drake teased several hints on his Instagram story that he’d be dropping something big in response to Kendrick’s “Euphoria”. He alluded to the fact that he was going to finish Lamar off; including a photo of yellow caution tape and a red button (tactical nuke). The most grim thing he posted though was a scene from, ‘The Equalizer 2’, which featured a clip of Denzel Washington saying: So I’m gonna kill each and every one of you and the only disappointment in it for me is that I’m only gonna get to do it once.”It’s a bit more twisted when you realize Denzel then hitched a ride with the wife and kids of his former friend. This directly relates to the current situation and shots thrown from Drake towards Kendrick and his family, as well as the fact the two rap phenoms used to be friends earlier in their careers. 

Later that night, The Boy dropped “Family Matters” with a music video to accompany the track. The song includes 3 beat switches, each delivering a combination of chilling, intricate, and shocking bars throughout.

The video’s concept takes viewers on a journey that follows Lamar’s iconic ‘Good Kid Maad City‘ van. The symbolic van is towed throughout the city of Toronto and ends up being crushed by an excavator at the end, symbolizing Kendrick Lamar’s metaphorical demise.

Another standout scene includes Drake holding what is allegedly Whitney’s engagement ring from Kendrick Lamar. There are many other easter eggs between the music video and Drake’s bars himself, but we won’t really know what’s true and what’s not until hard proof is brought to light; something we can say for the majority if not all of the allegations coming from both sides.

Notable Lyrics:

“There’s nowhere to hide, you know what I mean

They hired a crisis management team to clean up the fact that you beat on your queen 

The picture you painted ain’t what it seem” 

(Drake claims that Kendrick beat his fiancée Whitney Alford. Throughout the entire conflict, Drake has portrayed Lamar as a “hypocrite” who fails to live up to his own principles. Central to Drake’s approach was to undermine Kendrick’s reputation as the wise and morally upright rapper his fans perceive him to be.)


I heard that one of ’em little kids might be Dave Free’s / Don’t make it Dave Free’s ‘Cause if your GM is your BM secret BD, Then this is all makin’ plenty fuckin’ sense to me” 

(In this context, Drake alleges that Dave Free, Kendrick Lamar’s close friend and collaborator, might be the father of one of Kendrick’s children, insinuating that he had an affair with Kendrick’s wife, Whitney. Dave Free, a childhood friend and key figure in Kendrick’s career, co-founded the creative company and label PGLang alongside him)


“When you put your hands on your girl, is it self-defense ’cause she’s bigger than you?”

(Kendrick Lamar, standing at 5 foot 6 inches, is notably shorter than his longtime partner Whitney Alford. Drake claims that Lamar assaulted Alford when finding out about her unfaithfulness.) 


“You the Black messiah wifing up a mixed queen / And hit vanilla cream to help out with your self-esteem / On some Bobby shit, I wanna know what Whitney need” 

(Drake implies that Kendrick’s lifestyle doesn’t align with his public persona. Kendrick, known for embracing his racial identity in his music, has criticized Drake for not fully embodying his Black identity, yet Kendrick’s own wife shares Drake’s mixed heritage)


A cease and desist is for h*es, can’t listen to lies that come out of your mouth 

You called the Tupac estate and begged ’em to sue me and get that sh*t down” 

(A direct response to Kendrick Lamar’s track “Euphoria,” where he questions Drake’s approval of the song “Like That,” Drake denies Lamar’s claim that he sent a cease and desist letter regarding the track. Instead, Drake accuses Lamar of hypocrisy, citing Lamar’s alleged involvement in Tupac’s Estate filing a cease and desist for Drake’s diss track “Taylor Made Freestyle,” which used Artificial Intelligence to replicate Tupac and Snoop Dogg’s voices, leading to its removal due to infringement concerns.)


We already know it’s a twenty-v-one, we already know why you went number one It’s clearly because of The Boy”

(Drake hints that he is the reason Kendrick Lamar, Metro Boomin, & Future have had their songs chart at #1 on certain charts)


Our sons should go play at the park, two light skin kids, that sh*t would be cute

 Unless you don’t want to be seen with anyone that isn’t blacker than you” 

(Drake responds to Kendrick’s criticism about his mixed race by noting that both he and Kendrick’s son share the same complexion. He also alludes to Kendrick’s song “Blacker The Berry,” where Kendrick raps about shooting someone darker than himself, suggesting hypocrisy in Kendrick’s stance.)


“Your darkest secrets are comin’ to light

It’s all on your face like what happened to Mike

Oh sh*t, it’s all makin’ sense, maybe I’m Prince and you actually Mike

Michael was prayin’ his features would change so people believe that he’s actually white”

(Michael Jackson experienced vitiligo, a condition characterized by white patches on the skin due to an autoimmune disorder. Here, Drake suggests that Kendrick’s hidden past is surfacing, likening it to how Michael Jackson’s skin condition became visible over time, as darkness gives way to light.

This is also Drake’s counter to Kendrick’s diss in “Like That,” where Kendrick likened himself to Prince, implying he’ll outlast Michael Jackson. Drake flips this by calling himself Prince, suggesting he’ll outshine and outlast Kendrick in their rap feud.)


Top would make you do features for change, get on pop records and rap for the whites” 

(This refers to Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith, Kendrick Lamar’s former label boss, allegedly pressuring Kendrick to collaborate with white pop artists to gain mainstream appeal and earn quick money. Drake had previously criticized Kendrick for this in his diss track “Push Ups” with lines like:

Maroon 5 need a verse, you better make it witty Then we need a verse for the Swifties”

These lines allude to Kendrick’s features on “Bad Blood (Remix)” and “Don’t Wanna Know” by mainstream pop acts Taylor Swift and Maroon 5.)


You right about “F*** the big three,” it’s only Big D, and there’s video proof” 

(Drake’s direct response to Kendrick’s line “yeah f*** the big 3, it’s only big me” on “Like That”. It also cleverly alludes to a viral video involving Drake’s anatomy, playing with a double entendre.)


“Kendrick just opened his mouth, someone go hand him a Grammy right now”

(Honestly, we found this line quite funny. Drake alludes to Kendrick Lamar’s widespread acclaim from mainstream critics, media, and what some may call “Kendrick stans”.

Known for his 17 Grammy wins (the third highest for any rapper), is a polarizing figure in Hip Hop circles. Some, including Drake, question the merit of Kendrick’s awards, suggesting they are handed out too easily by Grammy decision-makers whenever Kendrick releases new music.)

In our honest opinion, Family Matters is one of Drake’s hardest tracks that he’s ever put out. Considering everything from the bars to the video’s concept, it’s undoubtedly one of the greatest diss tracks ever made, and arguably the best song released in this battle, particularly when focusing solely on the musical aspect.

MEET THE GRAHAMS – May 4th, 2024


One of the most strategic “chess moves” in this entire feud occurred when Kendrick dropped “Meet The Grahams” just hours after Drake released “Family Matters”. Although The Boy dropped what some may consider “the red button”, Kendrick’s decision dampened much of the excitement surrounding it, drawing even more attention to ‘Meet The Grahams’. The song emits a dark aura, evident in both The Alchemist‘s production, Kendrick’s delivery and cadence, and the overarching message. The letters within the song are addressed to Drake himself and all of his immediate family members, including:

  • Adonis
  • Sandra 
  • Dennis
  • Alleged daughter (that has since been debunked as fake)

Notable Lyrics: 

I’m sorry that that man is your father, let me be honest

 It takes a man to be a man, your dad is not responsive

 I look at him and wish your grandpa woulda wore a condom” 

(Adonis, Drake’s son, was mentioned by Kendrick on “euphoria”:

“I got a son to raise, but I can see you don’t know nothin’ ‘bout that Teachin’ him morals, integrity, discipline, listen, man, you don’t know nothin’ ‘bout that.”

Adonis’ existence became widely known after Pusha T‘s diss track “The Story of Adidon” in May 2018, which suggested Drake planned to exploit him for a shoe deal with Adidas.

Questioning Drake’s manhood has been a recurring theme for Kendrick. For instance, he asks: “I’m knowin’ they call you The Boy, but where is a man? ‘Cause I ain’t seen him yet.”)


Let me be your mentor since your daddy don’t teach you sh*t

 Never let a man piss on your leg, son

 Either you die right there or pop that man in the head, son

(Here, Kenrick is playing a father figure to Adonis, then alludes to an incident that T.I.’s intoxicated friend urinated on Drake at a movie premier in Los Angeles)


Never fall in the escort business, that’s bad religion

Please remember, you could be a b**ch even if you got b**ches

(Kendrick further pushing the agenda of Drake parading and objectifying woman – he also refers to Drake’s baby mother, Sophie Brussaux, as she is a former p*rn star and pinned on the wall in Starlets)   


Him and Weinstein should get f**ked up in a cell for the rest they life

(Kendrick is comparing Drake to the infamous Harvey Weinstein)


Dear Dennis, you gave birth to a master manipulator

Even usin’ you to prove who he is is a huge favor” 

(Kendrick alludes to Drake’s documented grief towards his father in “Look What You’ve Done“. Dennis, however, claimed that Drake fabricated the story. This isn’t the first time Dot labelled Drake a “master manipulator.” Kendrick is also questioning Drake’s identity, suggesting he’s leveraging his father’s African-American heritage to establish his own identity.)


He got sex offenders on ho-VO that he keep on a monthly allowance

A child should never be compromised and he keepin’ his child around them

And we gotta raise our daughters knowin’ there’s predators like him lurkin’

(Kendrick is referring to Baka Not Nice here. The former OVO security guard turned OVO artist, has faced charges related to prostitution and human trafficking in the past. Notably, the charges against Baka were ultimately dropped) 


I’ll tell you who your father is, just play this song when it rains

Yes, he’s a hitmaker, songwriter, superstar, right

And a fuckin’ deadbeat that should never say “more life”

 (It’s widely understood that Drake kept his son, Adonis, out of the public eye until Pusha T revealed his existence on “The Story Of Adidon.” It is unknown to the public how involved Drake was in Adonis’ life prior to this. Here, Kendrick continues to push the narrative that Drake does not take care of his son)

Now, we have mixed feelings about this song to be honest. It possesses multiple layers, and the flow used throughout is both chilling and impactful. Kendrick strategically breaks down Drake’s character, in a crazy and disrespectful way. There’s one section in the track we didn’t highlight above though; the letter to Drake’s alleged “baby girl”. If this information was in fact true, it more than likely would have ended this battle right then and there. It was swiftly debunked by Drake, as he wasted no time in posting an Instagram story challenging anybody to find this mystery daughter shortly after the release. This is also connected to “Family Matters,” as one his his bars states: “digging for dirt you, should be digging for proof”

It’s yet to be determined if Lamar actually has concrete proof regarding this daughter allegation, but from what’s been brought to light, this is a major miss for the Compton rapper. In the format of a rap battle, this can and has discredited ‘Meet the Grahams’ as a whole diss track.

NOT LIKE US – May 4, 2024


‘Not Like Us’ is the best song Kendrick Lamar has provided us up until this point. For many fans, this track was the highlight of the battle, arriving on the same day as ‘Meet The Grahams’, marking the second “back to back” moment in the battle.

This track is definitely considered a West Coast certified slap. The internet had a field day with this one as thousands of videos were posted to a variety of social media platforms showcasing trending dance moves and live reactions to the release. It is also the best matchup against ‘Family Matters’, what we consider to be Drake’s best song out of all of his releases thus far.

Notable Lyrics:

“And PARTY at the party, playin’ with his nose now

And Baka got a weird case, why is he around?

Certified Lover Boy? Certified p***philes”

(Kendrick seems to like taking aim to individual OVO members. He alleges that Drake’s artist, PARTYNEXTDOOR, can often be found at parties indulging in lines. Kendrick also continues to push the narrative that Drake is a p***phile along with his entire entourage)


Say, Drake, I hear you like ’em young

You better not ever go to cell block one

To any b**ch that talk to him and they in love

Just make sure you hide your lil’ sister from him

(Kendrick doubles down on calling Drake a p***phile)


Why you trollin’ like a b****? Ain’t you tired?

Tryna strike a chord and it’s probably A-Minor

(This was definitely the most popular bar penned by Kendrick on the song

“Strike a chord” refers to evoking emotional resonance. This alludes to Drake’s use of memes about Kendrick during their feud.

Kendrick plays on the musical chord “A-Minor” as a double entendre, hinting at accusations against Drake regarding inappropriate behavior with underage girls, as seen in the line: “Say, Drake, I hear you like ’em young.”

Notably, the A-Minor scale exclusively uses white keys on a piano, which could be a subtle jab aimed at Drake’s biracial background – although, this could be considered a reach.)


You think the Bay gon’ let you disrespect Pac, n****?

I think that Oakland show gon’ be your last stop, n****”

(Kendrick refers to Drake’s “Taylor Made,” where he employed AI to mimic verses by Tupac and Snoop Dogg, evidently aiming to provoke the Compton rapper. He then suggests that Oakland could pose a threat to “The Boy,” hinting at.., you know. If you didn’t know, 2Pac’s connection to Oakland and The Bay Area began through his parents’ engagement with the Black Panther Party.) 


No, you not a colleague, you a f***** colonizer

The family matter, and the truth of the matter

It was God’s plan to show y’all the liar

(The term “colonizer” highlights Drake’s relationship with hip-hop and Black culture. Lamar distinguishes between “colleague” and “colonizer” to suggest that Drake, being biracial, benefits from and appropriates Black culture without fully understanding the experiences and struggles of being Black. Similarly, Drake has faced accusations of adopting accents inauthentically, such as Jamaican patois, for his own financial gain.)

As you can see, Kendrick continues to break down and dissect Drake’s character while directly responding to some lines off “Family Matters”. This track proved highly effective for Kendrick, successfully advancing the “predator” storyline aimed at Drake. The synergy between DJ Mustard‘s production, infectious melodies, witty lyrics, and humor on ‘Not Like Us’ showcased Kendrick’s excellent execution for this track. It appears to be the standout track in this battle by Kendrick, resonating more broadly, similar to Drake’s “Back to Back” moment during his feud with Meek Mill.

When looking at the points stated above, some may say this song is what won Kendrick Lamar the battle – but are they speaking too soon?

THE HEART PART 6 – May 5th, 2024

Many questions started to circulate whether Drake was going to reply or not after the release of “Not Like Us”.

The Boy released “The Heart Part 6,” putting an end to skepticism. This track ingeniously extends Lamar’s renowned “The Heart” series featured throughout his albums. The style of “The Heart Part 6” falls into the category of Drake’s timestamp records, similar to songs like “5am in Toronto“, “Omertà“, “4pm in Calabasas“, and so forth. The track not only confronts the accusations leveled against him by Kendrick but also shifts the focus back onto Lamar for his lack of response to the various allegations against him.

Notable Lyrics: 

First, I was a rat, so where’s the proof of the trial then?

Where’s the paperwork or the cabinet it’s filed in?

You gotta learn to fact check things and be less impatient

Your fans are rejoicin’, thinkin’ this is my expiration

(Drake denies Kendrick’s allegations suggesting he has ever cooperated with authorities or testified against others in his past. More specifically, he is referring to the incident in 2009, when Drake was robbed by a Toronto rapper named Sizzlac.)

Drake also references a prominent media figure, “1090 Jake,” known for analyzing court documents of famous rappers and street figures, then sharing their alleged dishonesty, cooperation with law enforcement, and criminal behavior on YouTube. Drake suggests that if he had ever cooperated with authorities, his name would have appeared in court records, and someone like 1090 Jake would have exposed him. It seems he’s demanding evidence to support all accusations against him, which makes us think why Kendrick hasn’t been able to do that thus far.)


We plotted for a week and then we fed you the information

A daughter that’s eleven years old, I bet he takes it

We thought about giving a fake name or a destination

But you so thirsty, you not concerned with investigation

(In Kendrick Lamar’s, “Meet the Grahams,” he suggests Drake has neglected his alleged 11-year-old daughter. However, Drake claims he leaked this false information to embarrass Kendrick and denies having a daughter. This revelation showcases Drake’s self-proclaimed title as a “master manipulator,” as Kendrick previously labeled him)


My mom came over today and I was like, “Mother, I—, mother, I—, mother—”

Ah, wait a second, that’s that one record where you say you got m*lested

Aw, f*** me, I just made the whole connection

This about to get so depressin’

This is trauma from your own confessions

(Drake twists the narrative in a dark way here, suggesting that Kendrick’s accusations stem from a molestation story referenced in “Mother I Sober.” It’s crucial to note that Kendrick explicitly denies being molested in the song. However, Drake speculates that Lamar might be projecting his own trauma onto him by accusing Drake of such heinous behavior.)


“Speakin’ of anything with a child, let’s get to that now

This Epstein angle was the sh*t I expected

TikTok videos you collected and dissected

Instead of bein’ on some diss-direct sh*t

You rather f**king grab your pen and misdirect sh*t”

(Drake compares the pedophile allegations to Jeffrey Epstein’s case. He expected Lamar’s “Epstein” angle, as he called it out in “Taylor Made Freestyle”. Drake says that Kendrick is trying to misdirect the narrative of this battle.)


And why isn’t Whitney denyin’ all of the allegations?

Why is she following Dave Free and not Mr. Morale?

(Tying this to “Family Matters,” Drake suggests:

Proposed in 2015, but don’t wanna make her your actual wife I’m guessin’ this wedding ain’t happenin’, right? I heard that one of ‘em little kids might be Dave Free’s.

These rumors involve Kendrick’s fiancée, Whitney Alford, and Dave Free, Kendrick’s longtime collaborator. Drake repeatedly alleges in the track that one of Kendrick’s children is actually Free’s.

Drake points out that Alford does not follow Kendrick on Instagram, while she follows Dave Free.

Drake questions why neither Kendrick nor Whitney address have addressed these claims; Kendrick has not address the issue on any of the tracks released thus far. Drake seems to be very confident in these accusations. A key part of this battle to keep an eye on.)


“Touch My Body” by Mariah Carey play, you probably start reflectin’

(Drake suggests “Touch My Body” by Mariah Carey triggers Lamar)


You mentionin’ A minor, but n*ggas gotta B sharp and tell the fans, “Who was it?”

You thought you left D flat, D major

(“Drake directly responds to a clever wordplay from Kendrick on “Not Like Us,” aimed at insinuating Drake’s impropriety with underage girls.”)


“If you still bumping R. Kelly, you could thank the Savior

Said if they deleted his music then your music is going too, a hypocrite

(Drake mentions the controversial position Kendrick Lamar took in June 2018 following Spotify’s decision to remove XXXTentacion and R. Kelly songs from their playlists. Kendrick defended both artists, even going as far as to threaten pulling his own music from Spotify if the platform persisted with such actions. )


And Whitney, you can hit me if you need a favor

And when I say I hit ya back, it’s a lot safer

(This definitely speaks for itself)


You know, but

Just let me know when we’re gettin’ to the facts

Everything in my sh*t is facts

I’m waitin’ on you to return the favor, like

(Drake asserts that Kendrick Lamar’s diss tracks in the feud have been riddled with lies, contrasting them with his own, which he maintains are grounded solely in truth)

In terms of a response to Kendricks last two songs, we think Drake made the right choice in addressing these allegations put forth on him. If Kendrick or his team cannot validate any of the claims made, it remains mere speculation, shaping a narrative but lacking in concrete proof. We believe this track also shifts the focus back onto Kendrick regarding the abuse allegations against him regarding Whitney.

Putting the allegations aside, ‘The Heart Part 6’ is brimming with remarkable bars and wordplay. In terms of sheer rap skill, this track stands out as one of the most impressive showcases of talent we’ve witnessed thus far.

Shortly after the song’s release, a figure known as “Kendrick Lamar’s spokesperson”, DJ Hed, appeared on Instagram Live and also joined DJ Akademikstwitch live stream. He suggested that “Drake waved the white flag” on ‘The Heart Part 6’. This sparked a significant debate among online fans, even between our team, regarding its validity. The opposing viewpoint suggests that Kendrick and his team are employing the “white flag” excuse as a tactic to avoid addressing the abuse and family allegations.

We see both perspectives on this issue, but in our view, Drake’s statement “let me know when you want to get to the facts” doesn’t seem like he’s waving the white flag” to us. Drake is without a doubt one of the most competitive rappers in the industry, and considering how the Pusha T feud concluded (with many saying he lost in the end due to Pusha T exposing Adonis to the world), we believe this is far from over for him.

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA – APRIL 02: Drake performs during the 2023 Dreamville Music festival at Dorothea Dix Park on April 02, 2023 in Raleigh, North Carolina. (Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)


So, where do we currently stand? 

Honestly, we see both artists winning in certain areas. This battle has ultimately taken a dark turn, with both Drake and Kendrick throwing up an array of allegations without any solid evidence. At this point, we see it as whoever brings receipts to the table first wins

Allegations aside, here’s who we have winning (and for what):

Strategy / Numbers: Kendrick Lamar

We believe Kendrick’s standout moment thus far has been the consecutive release of ‘Meet the Grahams’ and ‘Not Like Us’. He effectively overshadowed the hype generated by “Family Matters” by preventing fans from thoroughly dissecting or discussing the song. ‘Not Like Us’ served as the ideal follow-up to the preceding track because of its commercial appeal and versatility, suitable for nearly any setting. While we must say that Kendrick’s “Meet the Grahams” should lose points overall for its attempt to expose a fabricated daughter, the consecutive releases of “Meet the Grahams and “Not Like Us” is seen by some as the moment that currently gives Kendrick the lead.

The stats have been rather unexpected for us – while Drake holds the lead in some aspects, Kendrick has generally garnered the highest number of views and streams overall.



Lyricism / Performance: Drake

To us, it’s been very clear that Drake has been the better rapper between the two when it comes to the bars, especially evident in his delivery on “Family Matters” and “The Heart Part 6”. It’s crucial to remember that this was the main debate at the beginning of the battle before things went left. Drake’s direct responses to Kendrick, demonstrated through his wordplay and lyricism, clearly outshines Kendrick’s efforts up until this point. Every accusation Kendrick has hurled at Drake — whether it’s labeling him a “deadbeat” father, making predator allegations, or accusing him of being a “culture vulture” — Drake has countered with both creative and chilling responses. Drake has out-rapped Kendrick thus far.


It’s noteworthy that if we had made predictions before the battle started, we would have expected Drake and Kendrick to be swapped in those categories.

Best Decision: J. Cole

Jermaine Cole avoided all the smoke by tapping out of this battle early essentially. Although he caught a large amount of flack from the public, and even from Drake and Kendrick themselves, this was ultimately the best decision while looking at where things are headed now. We wonder though, how would things have been if he stayed in? Would it be a 2v20? 1v1v1? Unfortunately, we’ll never know.



Benefited The Most: New Ho King

You can say, New Ho King, operating since 1976 in Toronto, has unexpectedly emerged as a focal point in pop culture in the last week or so, as they’ve been referenced in songs by both Kendrick and Drake. The Boy prominently showcased the restaurant in his “Family Matters” music video, depicting himself and OVO members dining at the establishment.




When it comes to the allegations, it seems like either someone’s has to show proof, or we’re just gonna have to write off all these claims – for now at least. If one artist were to bring receipts to the table that the other couldn’t, we’d consider that a wrap. Do you think either artist has the ability to get “cancelled” if either accusation was proved to be true?

The most recent development in this ongoing exchange, Tuesday at 2:00 am, Drake’s security guard was shot at the front gates of “The Embassy” and was subsequently taken to the hospital in serious condition. This incident follows a prior occurrence on April 29th at Cash XO’s Los Angeles home in Encino, during which his security guard was also shot and hospitalized.

We’re not trying to fuel conspiracies, but this is certainly more than strange, and it’s evolving beyond just a rap feud. We urge all parties involved to stay safe, remembering the tragic ends of Tupac and Biggie.



Feel free to share your thoughts on the Drake vs Kendrick Lamar battle HERE.


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