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Inside the Mind of Multi-Platinum Management CEO – Best Kept Secret



Remaining anonymous, this multi-platinum and gold-certified management company CEO is building a team of talented producers and artists that are making waves in the music industry. 

Best Kept Secret, a management company, that has one of the best managers in the business, but you won’t find him just anywhere.

A close personal friend of Secret, and producer, Pitt Tha Kid has been there every step of the way, accompanying Secret while he builds a music empire. Producing music for artists like Chloe Bailey, Trippie Redd, Lil’ Wayne, Pop Smoke and Uzi on his recent album P!NK Tape. Pitt Tha Kid has a talent for making chart-topping hits.

When I sat down with Secret he emphasised that the heart of his record label is based on a genuine interest in artists’ development. He has a deep understanding of the game; with tons of accolades, he’s devoutly humble. Despite facing loss and lows Secret, remains positive, dedicating his newer projects to his late business partner Stoney. Long Live Stoney

“How we treat people and how we carry ourselves is what makes BKS so special; because a lot of the relationships we have are just based on real genuine vibes.”-  Secret,

When did you start this management team up, and what inspired you to do so?

BKS started in Jan 2019; it formed organically. Long story short, I have a really close friend Pitt tha Kid, and he was the first person I started working with within the music industry- as far as a management level/partnership level, we started working on his placements and just trying to get his stuff out there. We (soon) started having some success- our first placement was the Creed 2 movie soundtrack in December 2018, the movie came out and the song was called “Kill ’em with Success” with Two Chains, School Boy Q, and Producer Mike Will Made-It.

And it’s funny, the name of the song is something we kinda try and live by, and use as a mentality in our head, just kill people with success. Don’t talk about it, don’t be cocky, and don’t say anything! Say nothing and just work!

Then, in January 2019, I opened up the company Best Kept Secret Management… and it’s been a journey. (We) started signing different producers with talent that we thought had a Best Kept Secret type of fit, you know we went through your rollercoasters and your ups and downs.

You’ve worked with some major artists, which one were you most excited about and why?

Rest in peace Pop Smoke, we got the chance to work on that project, on the song Creature featuring Swae Lee from the Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon album. That was definitely something that I felt we were just grateful to be part of; something from a legend. He left behind a legacy, he was a really special album for us to be a part of. That was with Pitt The Kid as well

At what point and time in your career did you feel like there was a turning point and you could take it to the next level?

I actually always still feel like there are turning points. It’s not like there’s one time in particular, that’s like a special answer but that’s the truth. I think that there are turning points at every stage throughout your career. No matter how big or small you are in the industry, I think you need to know 2 min and 40 sec can change your whole life. Just one record; and you’re so close to it, you just gotta keep pushing and move smart.

I think turning points are always going to be in someone’s career; no matter how big they get. I think there are always different moves that you can continue to make to continue to level up.I think there’s – there’s not really one point that makes your career, it’s the next one, and the next one, and the next one, that continues to evolve and create the legacy and hopefully god willing a household name.

Which producer on your roster do you feel has the potential to take it to another level right now, and even become a super-producer?

I am actually paving a new way for producers in the family to turn into SuperProducers for real for real…It is very rare for producers to get signed to a major label; on a producer level, to hopefully get to a Superproducer level. These features are huge- Pitt Tha Kid is definitely a Superproducer in the making, Papiyerr, Dj Kid- every producer on our roster has the potential to be a superproducer in the making because I’m trying to create that path. 

What advice would you give to up-and-coming producers?

Networking is key but make sure you’re networking in a genuine and pure way. Make sure you’re following the top people in the industry like high-up managers and A&Rs; be in tune with some of the top players in the industry so that you can try and capture your moments in real-time. 

I like to do really weird creative things (to network), I play Fortnight and – it allows me to build a real genuine relationship instead of talking about business and music all the time, you can fuck around and really have fun with each other. You can be anywhere in the world and play fortnight with each other.

Don’t be settled with just being a drum-maker or a sample maker; push yourselves to the limits of creativity. The main thing for a producer is it takes time to find your sound and your lane so put in that work and it will come naturally. Find yourself a great manager- and for someone to want to manage you, you already got to have a little motion going. 

No matter the level you’re at if you treat people with respect and genuineness you will get a lot farther with that real relationship what you do if you be yourself, work on your sound, find your sound, network continuously, and be very genuine, that would be my main advice to any producer trying to get their foot in the door. 

I know you’ve signed artists like ELLE from too hot to handle season 2, do you plan on working with more musicians/rappers like her, or are you more passionate about developing producers?

No, I’m definitely interested in developing the artist side of things- That’s funny how do you know about ELLE? 

“I do a lot of research before every interview I do, I like to know who I’m talking to!”

I am developing some special hidden behind the scenes, I actually have a couple of artists who are in pretty big label meetings right now! I got some hot talent for sure! I’m not just a producer management company we manage artists as well. 

What can we expect from BKS is 2023?

The things that I’m excited about is a very special BKS project, that will be the first time ever we’re coming out with a lot of our in-house producers and working with some pretty mainstream artists on this project. You know kinda like that company Internet money, they’re a good example of coming out with your own personal records and how powerful that can be.  You gotta give people flowers where it’s deserved. I definitely want us to come out with our own Best Kept Secret project this year that we have been working on behind the scenes. 

Pitt tha Kid’s first single [is coming out] June 16th. [ His next singles are scheduled for] August 11th, October 27th, and we got 5-6 singles coming out before the album drops in 2024. 

I’m excited to come out with a collection of clothing this year, to start the brand of Best Kept Secret on the clothing side. 

“Best kept secret until it’s too late, and the whole world knows”.


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