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Inspired By The Sounds of Toronto, British Artist Raff Ldn Releases ‘Problems’



Raff Ldn is a rising British artist who is heavily inspired by the sounds and melodies of America and Canada. Specifically, he is inspired by artists from Toronto and Atlanta – who he listened to growing up. In 2022, Raff Ldn began making music himself, and immediately looked to make his impact felt. 

Raff became fixated on bettering himself and his music, and would figure out ways to grow his circle and connect with some of the strongest music professionals in London, as well as in North America. 

Raff Ldn’s latest single “Problems” is a reflective and introspective track that also hits extremely hard. Just like the artist he’s inspired by, Raff flexes impressive wordplay, confident lyrics and extremely catchy melodies. 

The production is intense and heavy, but never overwhelms the artist’s clean vocals. The beat fades in and out, keeping the song moving and bouncy, while Raff consistently provides layered verses and hooks. 

Check out the brand-new single by Raff Ldn below or stream the single on your favourite platform. You can also connect with the artist on socials to keep up to date on new releases. 

Let us know what you think of the rising UK artist in the comments!


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