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Interview: “Kaleidoscope”, Debut Album by Vancouver’s David July Exhibits Variety of Choices & Genres



On March 15,  Trevor Donohoe – or what we know as David July – released his first 11-track album “Kaleidoscope” after his first nationwide tour back in February. Produced, mixed, and mastered by TylerB and co-produced by July himself, the project is a craftful blend of genres (Hip Hop, R&B, and Pop) filled with soothing vocals, catchy melodies, and emotional lyrics. “Kaleidoscope” also comes with collaborations with Vancouver artist Ryan Morrissette and Seattle’s John Thomas, adding a “pop punk flare and new age sound” to the release. The lead single “Hold My Own” already has been getting a lot of buzz.

Following the debut which is a strong big step into the musician’s career; we talked to July about the project and his artistic trajectory.

Even though this is his first album, July has been performing around Canada and the United States, including a sold-out headlining show in his home base. David has built a strong team around him and his work, although most of his career has been accomplished without any label or outside funding and his love for music started as early as during high school:

With one of my homies, we would always talk about being on stage and having that feeling of thousands and tens of thousands  singing your music. I have always been a music person. I used to play guitar, piano and that stuff when I was younger, and I used to write rhymes too. It never really caught up to me. So in high school when I was with that friend, we would start writing songs and we would go to  the city library. There was a little studio booth where we would start recording stuff because one of my other homies was producing and making beats. Now I’m here and those two homies just don’t want to make music anymore. But I do. So that’s how it started. I grew up with every type of music but Hip Hop and the culture were a big part of my life so that kind of that kind of grew into me and evolved me into who I am. 

After talking about what inspires July –  which is, in his words, “a bunch of different genres (Hip Hop being the main one) and being able to pick certain parts from each genre, category or emotion”, he told us about what “Kaleidoscope” is about:

“The album is about looking forward and a bunch of paths you can take and a bunch of choices you can make. You’re never gonna make the right one all the time. But, you know, it’s about kind of weaving your way through the obstacles in the path, and finding the right one in the end, and not being strung up on past mistakes and trying to learn from them.”

Even though “Kaleidoscope”  just got out, it has been gathering a lot of positive feedback. As the artist explains:

People love it. I’m not gonna lie. It’s heartwarming to hear what people have to say. I haven’t heard anything bad yet. But I guess we’ll see. Everybody’s got a different favorite but there are also a few songs that are clearly the fan favorites already…My favorite changes every week because I’ve been sitting with these songs for a long time, like, two years ago. But right now, [for my favourites] there’s a song called “Do It Again, and one called “Lost in Time.

When asked about what is next, July says:

We’re just getting started to be honest. It’s the first album and there’s a lot more planned for this year and just the future in general. A lot of shows, festivals, and traveling. I’m also playing a festival in Richland, Washington in June. 

We thank David July for his time. It is clear that this is just the start, a strong one.

If you have not heard it yet, listen to “Kaleidoscope” here


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