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From Good to Great: Rubicini’s Latest Single “Gold” Proves Musical Prowess



Anthony Rubicini – also known as Rubicini – released his new single “Gold” today.

The single celebrates Rubicini’s musical milestones: lyrics give insight to how far he has come as a creative and what is waiting for him – and us – as he prepares to perform at Canadian Music Week 2023:  “Leveled up my game now I’m reloading, flew out to the west in a big boeing”. The track comes with a smooth production and a head-bopping beat with vocals that falls between the lines of Rap and R&B.

Being a producer, DJ, recording and mastering engineer; Rubicini inevitably entered the music scene as a self-made and independent artist as he gathered people’s interest after releasing “Bet On Me” from his album Mirage (2019).

Even though it has not always been easy for the artist, the amount of work Rubicini had put out is very admirable. As he says; receiving harsh criticism from other artists, friends and family on top of Rubicini being forced to be a jack of all trades with his artwork, managing, editing videos, networking all while still delivering new music consistently was a struggle but it did not stop him releasing impressive work. Today, him and his manager Damon Mahon – also known as “Spoken Without Words” – are teamed up on the release of “Gold” after officially announcing their union at the beginning of this year.

📸: @spokenwithoutwords

Rubicini’s lyrics are proof that he “get[s] it all in gold” right now: whether he is flying to LA top perform or getting buzz from the famous Kalan Fr Fr who previously performed with names like Ty Dolla $ign and Blxst, he is a rising artist who we will be seeing more and need to watch out for as he hints at a bigger feature with Benny Mayne.

You can find Rubicini on all platforms – HERE


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