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Dylan Joshua Bringing Back 2000s R&B Nostalgia



Recording artist Dylan Joshua has been developing his undisputed ability to convey his experiences through intricate songwriting and production authentically. Adding to his authenticity is his heavy hand in the production process, sustaining creative control over his works that continue to take the Canadian market by storm. Now, ready to amplify his success, he’s introducing his highly anticipated single Wishing You Were Still Here off his upcoming project Leave You In The End.

Inspired by some of the early 2000s’ most influential artists, this song gives fans a danceable yet mellow R&B soundscape. With lyrics like “I know I coulda loved you, but I pushed you away / Wishing you were still here with me, still in my head,” Dylan reflects on the stark contrast of reflecting on the good times in a relationship to a dismissive trend of only remembering the negatives. Nostalgic but relatable, Wish You Were Here provides an introspective soundscape paired with heart-on-sleeve storytelling.

Co-Produced by Mark Lombardo and Shayan Ghashghaie, the track offers a contemplative take on what we take away from our relationships. This is Joshua’s way of bringing old-school R&B’s vulnerability and musical tenacity back into the mainstream. Dylan Joshua has created a fanbase built on his music’s ability to connect with people through his genuine vibe, relatable lyrics, and impressive visual design. Already gaining quite the traction on TikTok, this song is sure to be a hit. Catch this song and the exclusive premiere with ThisisRnb now.


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