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Sidedoor x Celsius Fits Present: Fashion Stylists To Watch Out For in 2023



From Kim Kardashian wearing Marilyn Monroe’s dress to Coperani spraying a dress onto Bella Hadid at their Spring/Summer 2023 show, 2022 was a great year for fashion and experimentation. 

Looking ahead to the new year, we’d like to highlight some stylists to keep an eye on, emulate, and adore. 

Khaleel Washington

An Image and Lifestyle Consultant who aims to highlight people and curate a memorable experience through art is Khaleel Washington. Many artists find themselves drawing inspiration from other people. Donna Tartt has said she finds a lot of inspiration for her characters through watching people live their lives around her and Washington is no different. Washington tells us, “people are my passion. I take pride in being behind the scenes while my clients and their team enjoy the spotlight.” As a consultant, they don’t want to just present something unattainable but rather pieces that seamlessly integrate into their clients’ wardrobes. 

While trends lean toward the idea of assimilation, personality is important to style, whether one decides to follow trends or not. That personality is essential to Washington’s process. They say, “each interaction is fully tailored–with an outfit built to match.”

Joe Kuma

First, to highlight Vancouver-based stylist: Joe Kuma. What is it that makes Vancouver style worth noting? The lack of borders. With many ethnic backgrounds residing in one place, style has the ability to move through the world, taking inspiration from all. In terms of artistic inspiration, Kuma looks to many creatives who have reshaped the moulds of fashion and are not afraid to push boundaries. He credits Pharrell Williams with high praise saying, “he [Williams] really helped me to be ok with being different and unique.” Other individuals who inspire him when it comes to fashion are Jerry Lorenzo and the late Virgil Abloh.

Kuma’s goal is to strip the athletes’ styles of just their athleticism. “[Fashion] gives these athletes an outlet to actually be themselves. Whichever sport you may follow […] these players mean so much to the game, but they mean so much more to the world and are so much more than athletes,” he comments.

Priya Howlader

Introducing Toronto-based stylist Priya Howlader who has worked with some of the top brands like Adidas, Toronto Raptors, and Interscope Records. Letting her art speak for her, she doesn’t share much of herself online through social media or her site. 

Shanon Sidhu

Shanon Sidhu is a Toronto-born, Los Angeles-based celebrity stylist. Her career began at Humber College where she studied Fashion Arts and Business before working with ET Canada, countless production companies, and assisting celebrity stylists in LA. Her repertoire is full of high status events such as the Grammys and The Official MET Gala Afterparty. Her work has also made appearances on red carpet events for Camila Mendes, Snoop Dog, Addison Rae, and more. 

Christal Williams

Another Toronto stylist is Christal Williams. She is a student of fellow Black stylists such as J Bolin, June Amberose, Law Roach, and Kollin Carter. Williams found her main inspiration and motivation though fashion and beauty mogul Rhianna, who has been a trailblazer for Black, immigrant women in the fashion industry. Something Williams admires and hopes to inspire in others.

Through her short time as a stylist, Williams has achieved many accolades. Her work can be found on the front cover spreads and features in publications like The Kit, Living Luxe Magazine, and Vogue Italia adorning her clients Harry Rosen, OVO’s Roy Woods, and two-time Juno nominated Tanika Charles.

On her journey to become one of the greats, in just 2022, she was included in the canadian Fashion & Arts Awards New Generation List. 

These stylists remind us that there is an art to the process; that there is a personality to it. In an essay entitled The Philosophy of Dress by Oscar Wilde, he wrote “Fashion is ephemeral. Art is eternal.” and these stylists are sure to allow art be their focus and to allow the personality of their muse shine through.

Shoutout out to Celsius Fits for helping piece together this article. For more fashion related content check them out here.


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