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Flatbush Zombie’s Erick the Architect, Set to Headline First-Ever Solo Show



Flatbush Zombies had arguably one of the greatest rap albums of 2018, as “Vacation in Hell” landed the hip hop trio on the map, with their legendary tracks “Headstone” and “Vacation” ft. Joey Bada$$. The troupe rightfully earned their spot amongst the top performing artists in the industry.

The group itself is made up of Antonio Lewis (Zombie Juice), Dimitri Simms (Meechy Darko), and Erick Arc Elliot (Erick the Architect)- as the group was formed in 2010, they last released music in 2021, with their singles “Quentin Tarantino” and “Plug Addicts” gaining traction. Each of the members have gone on to produce their own music and create solo careers- with Meechy having just released an album in August, and Zombie releasing “Alto” late last year.

The group is known for their wild, energetic yet relaxed vibe which perfectly encapsulates the music they put out as a group and on their own. With Erick having had the biggest success as a solo artist; as he has already released a solo album, “Arcstrumentals, Vol. 2” he continues to impress with his singles and production work. Having just announced his first-ever headliner in New York this weekend, fans of both Flatbush Zombies and Erick’s solo work are not going to want to miss this show as he’s confirmed to play new unreleased tracks.

It’s rare to see a group continually able to impress fans while pursuing solo music careers, but this Brooklyn based trio is one of the strongest groups in the game and has no plans of stopping.


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