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Jazz Cartier Returns With A New Single “Rock The Boat” ft. KYLE And A New Album Announcement



One of Toronto’s musical favourites, Jazz Cartier, has returned with a new single and an exciting announcement. This multi-talented rapper, singer, and songwriter has just dropped his new single, “Rock The Boat” featuring rapper and actor, KYLE. This single is a smooth, sultry metaphor for sex and the pleasures of women. Its chorus is as catchy as its melodic beat, as Cartier raps, “Shawty on my D, I see ya’, yeah, yeah/ Tippin’ like I’m T.I., Aaliyah, she rock boat/ Callin’ for Maria, I need ya/ Bad lil’ foreign drivin’ crazy like a Fiat, no Kia”. It’ll only be a matter of time before you catch yourself humming these lyrics on the daily.


Since moving to Los Angeles and going independent in 2020, Jazz Cartier has found a new community and a fresh burst of artistic vision. This collaboration with KYLE is among one of the many relationships Jazz has formed after relocating. Not only has he met with talented artists, but he has also obtained impressive opportunities. During this time in LA, Cartier has grown creatively and professionally. In addition to being a rapper, he can add model and entrepreneur to his portfolio as well. According to this team, in the past few months, Cartier has worked on “a men’s skincare line called, Petal Skyncare, a Diddy-produced chess show with Buddy and many other major celebrities, and has even modeled for the Italian luxury brand, Marni for Not In Paris 3.”

Cartier’s last musical project was his debut album Fleurever in 2018, which was met with critical acclaim for its ability to amplify and establish the rapper’s lyrical and vocal range. The album was described as a stimulating, coming of age project for the young artist. This latest single, “Rock The Boat”, will be part of Cartier’s new, upcoming full length album, The Fleur Print, set to release on September 10th. Many say this will be his best body of work yet. For the first time ever, Cartier will be including features in the project. Overall, the album will be eclectic and experimental and will ultimately showcase a new and improved Cartier. The Fleur Print, as a whole, demonstrates his personal growth since his three-year hiatus, a time that was devoted to soul-searching and bettering oneself.

The Fleur Print will be a sensory experience for listeners and fans who have been long awaiting a new album. Now, they can finally rejoice, as Jazz Cartier is back and better than ever with a new purpose and a new direction. He is motivated and dedicated to working on more music and other career goals. We are looking forward to this new album and to his future endeavors.


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