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A force in Toronto R&B, Ashavari, has dropped the second single called “Sweeter” from her upcoming EP BitterSweet




A force in Toronto R&B, Ashavari, has dropped the second single called “Sweeter” from her upcoming EP BitterSweet.

“Sweeter” is part of four sequential releases, each sharing the singer/songwriter’s nonlinear progression to health after trauma, passing through distress and desire. Ashavari delivers her audience a head trip to a sultry 1940s lounge booming with layers of flirtatious jazz vocals and lo-fi tones from a vinyl record player. Her ingenuity will have you nostalgic over garden parties you’ve never been to and tea you have not tasted.

“I wrote ‘Sweeter’ to express the confidence gained after starting to heal. It’s about repressed sexuality and forbidden love – a situation where you can’t act on how you feel.” Says Ashavari.

BitterSweet EP

Ashavari’s “Frustrated,” released in 2020, is the first single from her upcoming EP, BitterSweet. Each drop is refining her sound by exploring electronic elements fused with future bass for a warm bounce, while with Sweeter, we see a more sultry side.  Additionally, the artist has used the EP as an outlet after physical and sexual abuse, and we can expect similar themes in the remaining two tracks yet to grace our ears. Her selfhood has branded each track with ecstatic artwork inspired by anime for a complete statement of personality.

“Healing has its ups and downs, with two very vulnerable tracks on the record and two songs that show confidence and budding relationships,” Ashavari says.


About Ashavari

Ashavari began her musical training at a young age after immigrating from Mumbai, India, to Toronto. Her unapologetic presence on and off stage developed a unique, soulful sound that is sweet yet sassy. After previously fronting progressive metal bands -progressive metal emphasizes detail and experimentation by mixing heavy metal and art rock- the avant-garde performer settled locally as an r&b pop neo-soul musician, model, dancer and YouTuber.

Ashavari has stood on iconic venues in Canada like The Opera House, The Velvet Underground, The Rivoli, and Petit Campus Montreal. She’s walked the runway for Fashion Art Toronto -a prestigious alternative fashion show- and backup danced for Dorian Electra and headliner Rina Sawayama in 2018. She has also opened for celebrated metal musicians like Sonata Arctica & The Agonist with her previous group.

In 2019 she debuted her first solo single, “Pink Afternoon,” landing her collaborations with Gold Record artist and former NEW CITY electro-pop singer Adrian Mitchell – best known for his work with Timbaland-.; In 2020, Ashavari was featured on “I OWN IT” by Seattle hip hop artist HI-DEF and producer Qreepz hitting 10,000 streams in a month and got radio play on Spoon 107.5. Most recently, she performed virtually at the Toronto Creator Fest on Sunday, July 25th.

Check out the track here.

You can listen to the song here:


Instagram/Tiktok: @ashavari__

Facebook/Twitter/Twitch/YouTube: @ashavari


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