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Ebhoni’s Latest Single “X-Ting” Will Make You Want to Press Decline


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Emerging as a global force of nature, 21-year-old, Toronto born singer and songwriter, Ebhoni released her debut mini project/EP “X” on February 18, 2021. The 4-track project includes Ebhoni’s breakout singles “MIA” & “Hit This” in addition to a newly released track titled “All to Myself” and the Caribbean infused R&B bop, “X-Ting”.   The music video for ‘X-Ting’ is everything it needed to be and “that’s on period.” Directed by BBY Chris, it is set in a hair salon where she is accompanied by her girls. The vibrant tones and hues of colour reflect the overall aura that ‘X-Ting’ gives off. Praised by Fader as being “exactly the kind of energy we should all be striving to keep during Mercury retrograde,” Ebhoni delivers a lusty ode to an ex with charisma, confidence, and of course bad gyal vibes.

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Ebhoni consistently portrays an island girl vibe in her music, but she is more than just the girl with the “bad bitch energy”. At her core, she uses music to help her through her personal struggles. In a YouTube video titled ‘How Music Helped Me Get Over My Ex,’ she says,

“But I choose not to really reflect on everything, I just kind of move past it and for me this is where music comes in as therapy for me because I am able to sit there and really just talk about every single thing that I’m going through… and it comes out amazing.”

She is not wrong though. Ebhoni’s string of R&B influenced dancehall singles have won her critical success and a rapidly growing international audience. Her strong war for production sounds has led to her pairing with IzyBeats (Rihanna, Koffee), DJDS (Kanye West, Burna Boy), Doc McKinney (The Weeknd) and others who help synthesize Ebhoni’s broad range of influences into authentic songs. In the middle of a productive 2019 run, Pitchfork wrote that she is “reclaiming the Toronto R&B crown for women.” Throughout her career, Ebhoni has longed to partner with specifically Black-owned businesses, support other women artists and workers, and to uplift the local LGBTQ+ community.

Ebhoni’s energetic and dynamic sound is infectious and is a call to appreciate yourself and release your inner boss.


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