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Vancouver’s Rising Star Boslen Continues to Push Through Boundaries On “Trip”



Boslen, a 22-year-old genre-bending artist of Jamaican and Indigenous descent, based in Vancouver, has made a name for himself through his ability to fuse the sounds of hip-hop, rock, pop and whatever else he desires. His ability to mix emotive rap ballads with bouncing trap bangers becomes even more impressive when you learn that he plays a heavy role in the production of every track he releases.

His latest release, “Trip”, is everything he believes in, in one song. Opting with work with producers, justsayin, NXSTY, and MSXII, “Trip” is an accumulation of all the sounds Boslen loves; psychedelic synths, vocal samples, constantly evolving drum patterns, and switch ups that keep you entranced through every listen.

And although the production is incredible, Boslen doesn’t let the content of his vocals be outdone. His vocals cuts through the busy production as he passionately shares with the listeners his story opportunity, doubters, and gratitude.


“I’m ducking the bullets, I’m ducking the clowns/You live life to the fullest ‘til you not around.”

Regarding the beat switches and contrasting sounds that make up “Trip”, Boslen said, “it feels like there are constant highs and lows being an artist that’s coming up. I wanted ‘Trip’ to showcase both the light and the dark”.

“Trip” begins the rollout for Boslen’s upcoming album, DUSK to DAWN, which will continue to push the sonic boundaries that came before him. We’re expecting more incredible work from Boslen, and you should be too. Be sure to check out “Trip” below or on your favourite streaming platforms, and show him some love! Let him know Sidedoor sent you.


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