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DJ Rosegold Makes History with “Rosegold University – Homecoming”


If you haven’t heard of DJ Rosegold yet, you need to tap in. Aside from being one of the hottest DJ’s in the city, spinning alongside some of biggest names in the game, Rosegold is impacting a generation. Not only does Rosegold run her own music agency, “The House of Milo”, she’s also a budding producer who’s planning on making history.

Today, Rosegold will be the FIRST ever woman DJ to produce a project. Rosegold University – Homecoming, is the first installment of a series that Rosegold will be releasing. The track list is 6 songs, clocking in at 13 minutes, with nothing less than big tunes. With the intention of paying homage to some of the iconic reggae songs she grew up listening to, Rosegold cut up samples, and made sure they added something special to her already dope beats. In addition, every song on the mixtape (yes, even the intro) contains very talented up and coming artists that you’ll surely want to keep on your radar

We hopped on a call with Rosegold to get some insight of the project.

The project has been a while in the making but it was worth the wait. What was the process like since starting the project in 2018?

When I first decided that I wanted to produce, I knew I had to come up with a creative concept. I didn’t just want to be making beats and sending them out. I thought of the name Rosegold University because I left school to pursue music. I had randomly made a Rosegold University sweater, and I thought “Okay, this could be a cool concept, let me run with it”. That was kind of the first thing with me coming up with the name.As I was travelling, I was like, “Okay, let me get into the studio with some artists”. I was reaching out to artist and managers, telling them about the concept that I wanted to make; one of the first female DJ projects. Then as I was linking up with artists in the studio in 2018 when I was planning to put it out, I guess life just happened… things happened so quickly so I decided, “What’s the rush?”. I wanted to make sure it was done properly. Really this project came into fruition when I was l working with two talented people at How R U?, because they helped me dial back all my ideas. They broke up strategy and creative direction.

How did you come up with the title “Rosegold University”?

Yeah, it’s just kind of a play on words. I was in school to be a French teacher, but then I left University. It’s like “Hey, now this is Rosegold University. I made my own school.”

I want to know about the artists on the project. I’m not too familiar with them maybe I need to tap in a bit more…

We had some really dope artist featured. They’re amazing. We have dope engineers such as Enzo, who’s from LA. I also have Dot, who’s an extremely talented engineer from Toronto, that mixed and mastered the entire project from top to bottom. But that’s the point. I’m so glad that you said that, because the fact that you told me you loved the mixtape, and you also said that you don’t really know any of them yet… Now you’re gonna go look for them.

What are some of the main things you wanted the listeners to take away from this project?

One of the main things that my team and I were speaking about when we were figuring out how to structure this – one of the main things, was that I feel like a lot of people try to create this reggae dancehall sound recently, and I feel like my brother (Chilla) was one of the first people to create that kind of pop/dancehall/fusion sound. That sound literally originated in our basement. With that kind of sound, I knew that we had that in the bag, and if my brother and I put our minds together, we can really show people: this is dancehall, and this is reggae. This is how you can merge the urban world with it.

Another thing is, I really want to be an inspiration for woman as well – especially young woman. A woman, who’s a DJ and a producer, comes together, building her own brand, being able to travel, being able to A&R an entire project. It’s really unheard of. I hope that people can take away from that and draw the inspiration that you literally can do anything you put your mind to as long as you work hard for it.

Do you plan on releasing any music videos?

I’m not sure if I should be saying anything but…There’s a music video coming soon.

What can we expect from DJ Rosegold in 2021?

Definitely some more music. Without saying too much, this project… It’s just the first. I also want to continue to impact and influence people in a positive way and work with new artist. Be on the lookout, because this is just a big stone for everything I’m working on for the rest of the year.

Make sure to listen to ROSEGOLD UNIVERSITY – Homecoming and go check in on DJ Rosegold, she is only just beginning!


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