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Top 21 Canadian Artists to Look Out For in 2021



First, we recognized the A&R’s behind the artists, now it’s time to admire the artists themselves. As we enter a new year, we at Sidedoor have compiled a list of the top artists to watch out for in 2021. These carefully chosen artists are ones we believe are going places in their career. Each artist has been very successful in their journey so far, but we know that this is only the beginning. This year, their record of achievements will only grow and prosper. Each artist below is at a different stage in their career, whether that is preparing for a new album or simply, releasing some new singles. Nevertheless, these artists share one important aspect, they are constantly creating. Artists are continuously working towards reaching the next level on their way to stardom. At Sidedoor, we know that these artists are among the most talented, proficient, and diligent creatives who are on the rise towards their full potential and thus, deserving of your attention as the artists to be on your next playlist.

Sean Leon

Sean Leon is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, director, entrepreneur, and record producer from Toronto. He is the founder of IXXI Initiative, which focusses on building diverse and artistic experiences in music, videos, visual and digital art. His latest projects include his debut mixtape, Ninelevenne, The Tragedy (2013), Narcissus, The Drowning of Ego (2014), King of the Wild Things (2014), I Think You’ve Gone Mad (Or the Sins of the Father) (2017), Can’t Come With Me This Time (C.C.W.M.T.T) (2017) and Sean Leon (The Death Of) (2018). Leon’s music speaks of his experiences with love, loss, fatherhood, and identity. This year, he is working on his next album release.

In addition to his music, he is also known for his famous collaborations. By the end of 2019, Leon had worked with globally renowned artists such as Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Brandy and Daniel Caesar. He began as a songwriter on Daniel Caesar’s, Case Study 01 then moved on to be a writer for Kanye West’s, Jesus is King. According to Artscape Daniels Launchpad, his latest venture, PUPIL INC, is “an independent cultural organization that specializes in the ethical development and distribution of music, film and apparel with a futuristic eye on health and technology.” We look forward to hearing more of Leon’s work.


Emanuel is a Canadian R&B artist known as Spotify’s First Canada Based “On the Radar” Artist for 2020. He is popularly known for his debut single and music video for “Need You” (April 2020) which was approved and shared by famous actor, Idris Elba. When the actor heard his song, he reached out to Emanuel with an idea for the music video. Idris Elba made a post on his Instagram and called out his fans, asking for a “pictorial collage of the one thing that people need to get through this time” and people responded from 20 countries showing their optimism during this pandemic. In the video for “Need You”, it included photos of nature, loved ones and other moments of positivity.

Later in the year, Emanuel introduced an artist manifesto about his 2020 EP series titled Alt Therapy. On Juneteenth, a symbolic day which celebrates the freedom of enslaved Blacks in America, he released the first installment of his EP, Alt Therapy Session 1: Disillusion. Session 1 explored themes of love, vulnerability, dedication, and defiance. On December 4th, 2020, Emanuel delivered the follow up EP, Alt Therapy Session 2: Transformation, which centred on the impact and importance of Black women. This EP was about showing his appreciation for the women in his life and wanting them to feel heard and seen.

After this session, Emanuel plans to release the full-length album of Alt Therapy which Idris Elba is now the executive producer of. This album plans to be released sometime this year.


Duvy is an up-and-coming Toronto rapper from the Jane and Finch region. His latest project is a 13-track album titled, Jane Babies, which released in December 2019. This album featured great artists such as LB Spiffy, Lil Berete, Koopa, Mar Guwop, JS Sav, S Dawg, and NH$ Jay Jay. 2019 was a prosperous year for Duvy, given his appearances on projects like On Da Road by Ryder, 6ixbuzz’s NorthernSound, and NorthSideKing by Acerrr.

In 2020, he dropped numerous singles (in order of oldest to newest release) such as “Water”, “Free Melly”, “2 Sides Of Me (feat. BK)”, “Pain Killers”, “Sin Again”, “RR”, “C.O.D”, “Never Forget Loyalty”, “Reading My Wrongs”, “NightmareZ”, “2 Rollies”, “Glocktober”, “Innocent”, “Shlime Talk”, “Okay Den”, “Tunnel Vision”, and finally, the newest release of 2021, “SouthWay”. Along with this new song came a music video, shot by @julezleo on Instagram. This music video for “SouthWay” is already close to 200K views and it was just posted on January 2nd. Based on Duvy’s increasing number of streams, he will only gain more fans and success this year.


Velow is a surging Canadian rapper from the Scarborough region. Velow is a Remix Project graduate who started his career by posting freestyle videos on Instagram. In a fortunate turn of events, this caught the attention of another fellow Remix Project graduate and one of Toronto’s most brilliant artists, Jessie Reyez. She invited Velow to her song writing camp where he was able to work with a handful of professional writers and producers. After working with many creatives, Velow was introduced to the music scene through his debut single, “Laughed To Myself”, in 2019. This single showcased Velow’s deep vocals, instrumentals, and lyricism. Overall, it was an impressive single to jumpstart his music career.

In the following year, Velow released a single titled, “Pisst”, in October 2020. The music video for this song surpassed 40K views on YouTube. Velow went on to release two more singles titled, “Phone Call”, which brought in over 24K views, and the most recent, “Doing Fine” which will probably have its own music video soon. Velow will have more music to share for this new year.

Dylan Sinclair

Dylan Sinclair is a promising Toronto R&B artist with a voice so smooth, you’d think it’s magic. This passion for music was rooted and ignited throughout his childhood. Sinclair grew up in a church and at the age of four, he was a singer for his church choir. Therefore, his faith has strongly influenced his life and his music.

In 2019, Sinclair decided to attend Ryerson University for Creative Industries, but shortly after his first semester, he dropped out to pursue music full time. This was a very hard and stressful decision for the singer because his family values education. But on the contrary, Sinclair also valued his time, and he knew that this was the moment to give his music his all. He used the pressure and pain he felt and turned it into art, hence the inspiration for his single, “Get Away” in April 2020. Sinclair says this single was about escaping his problems and giving himself a break. It’s about accepting his decision and leaving the rest up to God. Sinclair has his family, friends and church community supporting his music. His goal is to make them proud and inspire others to chase their dreams.

In 2020, Sinclair was named Apple Music’s, “New Artist of the Week”, featured on Spotify’s, “Just Vibing” playlist with over 60, 000 followers, and his 2020 singles, “Home” and “Ask Me” have a combined total of over 600K streams on Spotify and Apple Music. Later that year in September, he released his latest project, an EP titled Proverb. This EP conveys emotional moments of the singer’s life through his relationships, family, and experiences with love. It delves into themes of faith, belief, and spirit, leaving the listener bounded in both mind and soul.



Ebhoni is a R&B singer and songwriter from Toronto’s own, Weston Road. This fresh, young singer began recording when she was 10 years old and writing when she was 11. She started gaining more attention after posting Keyshia Cole covers on YouTube. Later as a teen, she released her breakout EP, Mood Ring, which received over 2 million streams on Soundcloud. Granted her success in both YouTube and Soundcloud, it is no surprise how she continues to captivate audiences now.

At 20 years old, she has thousands of fans and is a force to be reckoned with. She has got powerful vocals and an eclectic style to match. Her newest solo single, “MIA”, released in November 2020, is a dancehall track that had fans feeling empowered and lively which was much needed during the current state of the world. It’s a sensual, yet energetic anthem that makes you want to let loose and embrace the best parts of yourself. In the accompanying music video, Ebhoni is seen dancing in a studio and along city streets, with confidence and flare. She is expressing her self-love and encourages her listeners to do the same.

As Ebhoni works to forge her own path in music, she simultaneously advocates for what she believes in as well. She outwardly supports Black-owned businesses, female artists and workers and her local LGBTQ+ community. We hope to hear more of her bold music and future endeavors this year.

Mustafa the Poet

Mustafa the Poet is a poet, singer, songwriter, activist, and filmmaker from Toronto. Mustafa was born Muslim to Sudanese parents and began inspiring people through his heartfelt poetry. At just 12 years old, he performed an original piece titled, ‘A Single Rose’ at Nelson Mandela Park Public school. The piece discussed his experiences in his hometown, Regent Park, in Toronto. This video got over 35, 000 views on YouTube and earned him a standing ovation at Toronto’s Hot Docs Film Festival in 2009.

Since then, Mustafa is known for his profound writing and continues to utilize the power of spoken word to touch upon meaningful topics such as gun violence, mental health, politics, Islam, immigration, youth empowerment and much more. This artist has opened for Jhene Aiko at Manifesto’s Live concert in 2013, collaborated with The Weeknd on “Attention” in 2016, worked with Drake on a short film titled ‘Remember Me, Toronto’, made a song with James Blake called ‘Come Back’, a tribute to his friend and rapper Smoke Dawg, and lastly, partnered with Valentino on a FW19/20 runway collection.

His latest single, “Air Forces”, released in September 2020 was produced using samples of a Sudanese tribal chant, relating to Mustafa’s background. The artist describes this sound as “inner city folk music”. This song was a follow up to his debut single, “Stay Alive”, released earlier in March 2020. With Mustafa’s talent and innovation, we know we will continue to be moved by his words in this year as well.



YSN Fab is one of Canada’s fastest soaring rappers to date. YSN Fab started rapping in 2018 by posting freestyle videos on Instagram, though his first career choice was not music. YSN Fab was initially on the course to playing football, but unfortunately suffered a knee injury that stopped his career from going further. Regardless, he has proven that whatever he sets his mind to, he will succeed in.

This highly anticipated Winnipeg-based rapper and songwriter started 2020 off strong with a debut mixtape, Made 4 More. Later in the year, he released Made 4 More (Deluxe) and Winnipeg’s Anomaly, paying homage to his home. Winnipeg’s Anomaly discusses topics such as relationships, love, finding success and the overall, difficulties of life. Prior to 2020, Fab had already reached over a million streams on Spotify from his earlier single, “Cash”, in 2019. To continue this high, his track, “Winter City”, has also brought the rapper to a whole other level in fame. “Winter City” was produced by Jwest Beats, while “Cash” and “Meant For” was produced by Pascal Beats. Both songs equivalently portray YSN Fab’s multifaceted skills and impressive lyricism. The rapper’s latest release is a music video for his song, “Body on Mine”, which was posted on January 2nd this year.

Savannah Re

Savannah Re is one of Toronto’s leading R&B artists. This singer and songwriter grew up in a Jamaican family who loved to listen to reggae, dancehall, and R&B. This led to an interest in R&B classics like Aaliyah, Lauryn Hill, TLC, Destiny’s Child and many more others. Growing up, Re spent her youth in Scarborough where the culture and people had a role in shaping who she is today. She started to pursue singing while being in high school and for 8 years, she worked tirelessly on her craft by expanding her network and creating quality content. As a result, she received the opportunity to sign with Grammy-winning Toronto producer Boi-1da to his one music imprint under Universal Music Canada in 2018. Not to mention, Re has also been able to work with notable artists such as Normani, Daniel Caesar, Babyface and WondaGurl. To add onto her extraordinary portfolio, Re has also toured with Jessie Reyez where she truly learned how to be a strong performer and the meaning of “go hard or go home”,

After a lot of hard work and perseverance, the artist decided to release her debut EP, Opia in November 2020. This was produced by no other than Boi-1da and by Ré’s husband, YogiTheProducer. This project was three years in the making, and the perfection can be heard through the lyrics and melodies of each intrinsically curated song. The intention of the title, Opia, is for it to feel personal because opia essentially means to have someone look you in the eye, making you feel uncomfortable. Re’s Opia embodies one’s deepest emotions, feelings of vulnerability and the complexities of romance.


AR Paisley

AR Paisley is a Mississauga-based rapper with a reputation for classic hip hop flows with an early 2000s-like effect. First, he began with freestyling and rap battles in high school, which turned to battling around the city, and then in 2017, music became a serious priority. He dropped out of high school and made his first project in the studio. Once his project, alongside his freestyles started gaining traction, he realized he needed to put in more time towards his music.

Paisley’s freestyle, “Love Yourz”, became very popular as thousands of people started to share it. This became the moment where Paisley knew music was his talent. It was a way for him to connect to people and make them feel something. One of Paisley’s most favored singles in 2020 was his one-minute track, “Life’s Too Short”, where he articulates the importance of living in the moment. It was first posted as a freestyle on social media where it got over 250K impressions on Instagram and Twitter and eventually, Paisley added a longer version to his EP, Paisley Worldwide. His latest album, AR Paisley VS AR Money, was released in April 2020 and in this project, Paisley effortlessly illustrates his introspective side while synchronously signifying his storytelling ability.

347 Aidan

347 Aidan is a 17-year-old artist from Cambridge, Ontario who’s gaining more admirers by the minute. This young rapper is known for his colour, flare, and charming attitude. He has a large fanbase with over 180K subscribers on YouTube alone. However, most of Aidan’s followers come from Tik Tok, the world’s leading app for teens. On this app, he’s acquired over 550K followers with over 7 million likes. Interesting fact: he’s also behind one of Tik Tok’s trendiest songs, “Dancing in My Room”. If you’ve ever been on the app, you are bound to hear it at least twice. Other famous singles released in 2020 from Aidan are, “Demons and Monsters”, “Elevate”, “Live How I Want”, “Sunrise”, “Till the sun comes” and more. A few of his short EP’s include Good Vs Evil and Misfit. With a rapidly, growing fanbase such as this, we are certain to hear more music to come.



FRVR FRIDAY is a rising Canadian rapper who is recognized for his breezy vocals and unique style. In October 2020, FRVR FRIDAY collaborated with Lil Baby for his new single, “Window Shopping”. In this track, the rappers discuss how women should be treated. FRIDAY says this song is about what it takes to keep a girl and how a special girl deserves the world. He chose to work with Lil Baby specifically for this song because of his similar energy. Ultimately, Lil Baby had the right finesse to perfect this collaboration. In the music video for “Window Shopping” directed by Kid Studio, both vocals accompany each other in an engaging respect.

Aside from this single, FRVR FRIDAY also released “Nana” and “100 Rounds” earlier in 2020, which accumulated millions of streams combined on Spotify. His latest single from December 2020, “Prideful”, also received over 500K views for its music video on YouTube.

Shay Lia

Shay Lia is a Djiboutian-French artist based in Montreal. For Lia, music has always been about pleasure and fun. Growing up in Djibouti, her mom helped her discover her love of music, as she enjoyed dancing to Janet Jackson’s, “Together Again”. On the other hand, she didn’t know much about the music scene as a young child because international artists rarely visited Djibouti. It wasn’t until she moved to Montreal to go to university where she slowly learned about the dynamics of the music industry. She spoke to many producers and creatives, which led towards her encounter with DJ-producer Kaytranada. Since they’ve met, Kaytranada has continued to support and collaborate with her, and just like that, Shay Lia made her mark right after being featured on Kaytranada’s song, “Leave Me Alone” in 2016.

In 2017, Lia made her solo debut with the release of her single, “Blue”, produced by Kaytranada and BADBADNOTGOOD. Later that year, she performed at Coachella and AfroPunk which was one of her first on-stage performances ever. In 2019, she dropped her debut EP, Dangerous, which received praises across the charts for its rhythm, sanguine and effervescence. In the same year, she was also nominated for the Polaris Music Prize and featured on Michelle Obama’s, #BlackGirlMagic Spotify playlist for her single, “Good Together”.



WizTheMc is a 21-year-old hip hop artist born in Cape Town, South Africa. At the age of 2, he moved to Lüneburg, Germany with his mother and brother. As a young teen, Wiz started a music group with his friends called NOHOMES. This group lasted throughout the summer but did not move forward. Though the group ended, Wiz’s interest in music did not, he continued to write lyrics and freestyle. In 2017, he spontaneously moved to Toronto to learn about the English music scene through an eagerness to become a better artist. This is where he familiarized himself with the culture, local artists, and the vibrancy of the city. Now, he credits both Toronto and Reg Hartt, a film archivist, for giving him an opportunity to build his music career.

In January 2020, he released his debut mixtape, Growing Teeth, a project about his family, love, loss, and morals. This mixtape is both warm and inviting as it is thought provoking and profound. By using his skills in writing, Wiz was able to tell his relatable stories within his music, putting together a beachy, meaningful album altogether. A fan favourite from this project is the track, “The One”, a catchy and groovy song about finding that one girl. This track got over 200K views for its music video on YouTube.

Most recently, in October 2020, Wiz dropped an EP titled, What About Now, an upbeat and energetic collection of songs. His most popular single from this EP being, “For A Minute”, which was streamed millions of times since its release. This instantly became the rapper’s breakout song due to its infectious tune and summer inducing vibe. Watching the music video is equally as fun to listening to the song itself. The 2-minute music video has over a million views with hundreds of fans raving about it.

Nate Husser

Nate Husser is a rapper, R&B singer, and actor from Montreal. Husser’s first act in music was with his hip-hop band, ‘The Posterz’. This band put out three EP’s and became acclaimed in both Quebec and abroad. Eventually, in 2016, Husser branched out on his own and focussed on establishing a solo career.

Growing up, Husser survived many atrocities in his rough, predominantly Black neighborhood of Little Burgundy, witnessing violence, corruption, racial injustice, and betrayal as a young child. As an artist, Husser tapped into his dark experiences and made a deep-seated debut album from it, Geto Rock for the Youth, released in 2017. This album was nostalgic, explicit, and authentic. The lyrics in the song, “Catherine”, specifically described his somber background. In 2018, Husser dropped a three-part EP, Minus 23, that reveals a semi-autobiographical story of his journey as an artist and the love-hate relationship he has with his hometown. In 2020, he released a multitude of singles starting from, “Foot On They Neck”, “On Lock”, “I Been Doing Great (You Can Stop MFing Asking)”, “Knocked Off”, “I Just Bought Another Neck”, “Punk Me”, “Jelly”, “Iced Out Baby-G”, “CLAP (with Reeves Junya)”, and the latest, “Gang Signs”, all relating to the subject of youth without the trait of innocence.

Presently, Husser coins himself as the LeBron James of Montreal’s hip hop scene, a king in the game. Though he already sees himself as a legend, he is still learning and exploring the different layers of an artist through music and film. In the words of Husser, “rap is something I can do, but I can also do a lot of other things, like writing and producing songs.” His end goal is to be “more than a rapper, but a complete artist.”

Just John

John Samuels, otherwise known as Just John, is a musician, rapper, and founder of Blank Canvas Collective. The born and raised Scarborough native embarked on an artistic lane, as opposed to his family of athletics. He started by busking at different venues before he began recording songs while being a studious, university student. After years of grind and ingenuity, John became a pillar in Toronto’s music and art scene. This is proven by his recognition on Noisy, Complex and the Art Gallery of Ontario. John is often referred to as the “Renaissance Boy” originating from his myriad of talents and visionary concepts.

Prior to going solo, Just John was part of the sensational hip hop duo Just John x Dom Dias. The pair released three EP’s, Don I, Don II and Don III, which sky-rocketed in fame. They became a distinguished team that even achieved creating the perfect song for the Toronto Raptors Official 2019 NBA Playoff anthem, “Soundboi”.

Fast forward to November 2020, Just John released his 3-track visual EP, This is Fate, with a single titled, “A Thousand Corpses”, devoted to the dreamers and misfits who have supported John along his career. This is Fate attributes to the “process of reinvention”. It tackles John’s emotional past and highlights his healing process. In this EP, he confronts his inner demons by fighting them with love and forgiveness.

G Body

G Body is one of the coldest rappers coming from Toronto. The born and raised Parkdale rapper is community-driven, spirited and charismatic. His goal is to provide opportunities and support his family.

In 2019, G Body dropped his first project, “Project Cat”, an album where he outlines the reality of his neighbourhood, the “multicultural mosaic” of Parkdale. Parkdale is both a modern and impoverished area. It has mansions on one end and halfway houses on the other. Luxury condos here and rehab facilities there. It is a region that is on the brink of total gentrification if not for the clutches of its traditional framework such as its apartment complexes and diverse restaurants. G Body talks about these issues as his “stories from the pavement”.

One of his most crowd-pleasing tracks is, “Gangland”, which garnered over 500K streams on Spotify. This track validates G Body’s intense flow and vigilant lyricism. It captures the energy of Parkdale and his own. G Body is known as a natural leader based on his confidence and earnestness. He represents his community proudly and continues to be a humble personality.

*Make sure to watch out for his appearance in Sidedoor’s upcoming third issue.*



AstroKidJay is a striving artist who’s quickly climbing his way up in the music industry. This Brampton-based rapper started releasing music in 2018 and in the following year, his single, “Ibiza”, instantly went viral, receiving over 2 million streams on all platforms. From then on, his fanbase grew larger and his streams increased dramatically, totalling over 4 million streams in 2019 alone.

2020 was even more rewarding for the rapper after the success of his singles, “Camo”, “Kung Fu”, “Solid”, “3AM”, “100K”, “Moonrocks” and “Codiene Freestyle” earning him more than 400K streams across all platforms once again. AstroKidJay plans to release the tracklist for his next project, Wizard Boy on January 22nd, 2021 and you can also keep an eye out for his segment in Sidedoor’s upcoming third issue.


Zeina is an esteemed singer and artist from Montreal. She was born in Brooklyn, New York, but was raised in Montreal since she was two years old. As a kid, she started out as a big Disney fan like many of us, but once she grew older, her interest grew towards rappers like Jay-Z, 50 Cent and now, Drake and Travis Scott. She dropped her debut EP, Odd One Out, in November 2017 and described it as a “year of struggles” due to the obstacles it took to release. She was a female artist with no label and no co-sign, making it difficult for her to complete her first EP.

In 2018, Zeina came out with the track, “Tear Drops”, a melancholy single about heartbreak which amassed over 400K streams. Continuing this progress, she dropped one of her most streamed singles yet, “In My Head”. This leads us up to her latest work in 2020 where she released a beloved favourite, “Suburbs”, a song about being a suburban girl at heart. Zeina says, “Suburbs”, encompasses her attachment to her hometown. It’s about her ability to return to her roots and never leave her friends behind, no matter where she goes in life.

Zeina is the total package, with her velvety vocals, chic style and beaming personality, we can only expect good things to come out from her in the coming months.



Kofi is a rapper, singer and producer from Scarborough, Toronto. As a child, he was encouraged to pursue music, so he learned to play instruments like the piano, trombone, guitar, and djembe. In consequence of his parents’ discipline, he grew up to be a classically trained pianist and a competent producer. As a highly trained artist, he understands the creative and analytical aspects of music and has used this knowledge to his advantage.

Kofi released music independently under his own company, Jvngle Music Group. At 22 years old, Kofi landed a deal with Red Bull Records where he released his debut EP, Story of My Life, in August 2020. This is a project he wrote, mixed, co-produced and mastered himself. He says this EP is a culmination of his different aspects and he was not wrong. The EP is a prime example of his intricate skill and signature sound. Kofi’s sound is a blend of rap and vocals with a hint of trap, Afro pop, and alternative R&B. It is a fusion that is clearly inspired by the culture around him in Toronto and within his own home. Kofi says, “Babygirl” is one of his favourite songs that he’s made so far. “Babygirl” was a popular summer track with dancehall beats and afro drums. It was about chasing after a first love and the emotional bond that lingers. No wonder this song is near and dear to his heart.

Based on the many major artists catching his attention (Drake, OVO, DJ Walshy Fire, Kardinal Offishall, Preme), it is obvious that Kofi’s career is towering, and his schedule will be busy.



One of the strongest newcomers from Toronto is singer/songwriter, YaYa. This 22-year-old, Dallas-born and Toronto-raised artist originally planned to play college basketball in the States. However, once the pandemic hit, things changed, and he returned to Canada where he reflected on his next choice. He chose to pursue his passion for music and now, he’s making his claim in Toronto’s music scene.

Despite being in a new playing field, his aptness for music shined through. He dedicated his time to singing and song writing, resulting in his debut single, “Change”, in 2020. “Change” is a soulful hip hop track that demonstrates YaYa’s vocal range, undeniable flow, and knack for song writing. The song elicits a sensitive melody with sincere lyrics that helps you understand YaYa’s personal life. The corresponding music video for this single, directed by Jake Lowe, is respectively engaging, as it not only narrates YaYa’s life but also his community’s. YaYa’s second single, “Ease The Pain”, dropped in December 2020, has already received applause from writers at CBC and Lyrical Lemonade. “Ease The Pain” is a union of the artist’s singing and rapping ability. His silky vocals have channeled again, as he sings about fighting the pain and the goals he plans for himself.

 As a newcomer in the music game, YaYa has had a memorable start, leaving fans wanting more. His future is bright, and his drive is even brighter.

Honorable mentions

22. LaZz

23. Lil Berete

24. Prime Boys


26. Uptown Boyband


28. TV Gucci

29. Haviah Mighty

30. Clairmont The Second

During a time where there is not much we can do but stay safe and stay inside, it’s even more important that we hold on to the little things which keep us grounded, sane and positive. This is music. Music can act as an escape from reality. An intangible sanctuary where we’re free to let go and let our minds wander. These artists contribute to creating a cherished place for listeners to go to when they want to immerse themselves in a melody or an emotion. This is a place where listeners can embrace their feelings deeply and connect to a world outside of their own. One where all that matters is the three elements of music: the rhythm, the lyrics, and the sound. These infinitely talented artists will make 2021 a better year for all of us.


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