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Unshakeable artist Omido drops new single “Me & My Demons” featuring Cloudkid Silent Child



Omido drops his new release, “Me & My Demons,” featuring Silent Child earlier this week proving the haunting beauty of life and the art of acceptance; in company with lyrics inspired by joy yet relatable seduction of unhealthy habits, relating to a vigilant and self-aware listening.

“The song is about the demons you walk the path of life with. They are a blessing, a curse, sometimes annoying, sometimes helpful, but most of all, they are a part of you. So, do not waste your time trying to fight them. Accept who you are and enjoy life to the fullest.” Omido explains.

Birth of Omido

Jan Engelmaier or Omido possesses qualities innate talent and irreplicable passion unteachable by any education. Born in Vienna, Austria, Engelmaier began his illustrious career at the early age of 14, playing guitar and songwriting and producing 18.

Engelmaier fused with fellow Austrian producer, songwriter and peer, Felix Reichenauer in 2020. Soon after the link, the talented pair dropped Ep “Love, Sex, Drama” with singles like “SILVERLINE”, Without You feat. Bibisilvija and A Girl Called Jazz feat. Tobi Swizz. After generating well-deserved attention with hit “LSD”, amassing over 5 million views on YouTube and another million over digital streaming platforms globally, the young artists parted. Thus, the creation of Omido, giving new beats to as a solo alternative artist for peaceful minds and authentic, free selves.

“Me & My Demons” is pleasantly dense with synthesizers, mesmerizing guitar melodies and a smooth rise and fall in pitch that call listeners to move. Featured on the single is 20-year-old Georgia-born musician Silent Child with unique yet familiar vocals, noted on Spotify for just under 10 million streams in 2020.

“Yeah, me and my demons, we’re best bros, everybody knows we always stay close.” Silent Child performs in “Me & My Demons”.

He feels his demons so closely, like a shadow or profound companion he adds in an explanation of his lyrics.


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