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CMDWN’s FIJI and Nue drop single “Hold Me Down”.



Vocalist FIJI from rap collective CMDWN joins forces multi-dimensional musician Nue to release their single “Hold Me Down”.

CMDWN collective – rapper Ca$tro Guapo and FIJI – first linked in 2014 and have since given listeners chill beats and fiery metal-influenced productions; encompassing elements of hip-hop, pop/RnB, and electronic music into each piece.

“Hold Me Down” is about loyalty and life with a catchy fusion of drugs and women, all of which blending into a rhythmic vibe made for late-night car rides. FIJI and Nue free-styled this track in one hour and didn’t disappoint.

Ca$tro Guapo bridges the gap between his roots in Atlanta, Georgia, with the Toronto hip-hop scene to create an irreplicable flow. At the same time, FIJI has impressed the city with his captivating hooks, punch lines, and anime-style visual art.

The Toronto based musicians found success on SoundCloud in May 2015 with their first recorded single “We are Not” and have since been combining progressive components of fashion, art, quality production, and live performances to their work. Featured in the “Hold Me Down” video created by Marcus Letts is VHS footage and trippy editing for an experiential listen.

“Nue and I have been in the studio a few times in the past couple of years just working organically. Hold Me Down was the one that came out the best, so we just decided to put it out.” FIJI tells us when asked about his inspiration for the song.

Nue emerged from Toronto’s vibrant underground rap scene and quickly gained exposure through his online presence. Nue’s style is a balance of lyrics and melody in a haze of syrupy slowed down beats, typically paired with a hypnotic visual.

“I want people to look at me like a real artist because I do go back and alter my music a lot before it comes out. I take a lot of pride in it.” Nue tells Paper magazine.

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