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Exclusive Interview: BILLYRACXX Talks On His Latest EP, Influences And More.




Whether you already know the artist you’re about to read right now or not, we’ve got you something that’ll definitely stick in your playlist for some time. The Houston rapper BILLYRACXX just dropped his new official music video for the latest single “MELT MY FACE”. As the single’s been out for some time now, it has already caught the attention of the public and a lot of positive reviews. PAPER Mag says he’s “an artist taking flight’, and OFFICE Mag calls him “A Butterfly In Disguise”. 

If the “butterfly” part has got you confused than we’ve got some more good music for you. This year has also marked the release of a two-part EP “Butterflies Pt. 1” and “Butterflies Pt. 2.”. In every video on the project, including the “Butterfly”, which was the initial inspiration for the dual EP concept, Billyracxx is shown wearing butterfly wings. The idea between that is the uniqueness of his Hip Hop sound which mimics the sound of a butterfly’s wings.

But going back to the latest drop — this video is just a rebellious masterpiece. The frightening atmosphere in the best traditions of horror movies is consistent throughout the video, and it is exactly the reason why you just can’t stop yourself from watching it. Police beating Rodney King (the video taken in LA in 1992), bleeding Billyracxx; who’s also moving like a videogame character, his mysterious companion, a birthday cake and party hats — there is so much that is happening in the video, it doesn’t really make sense to try and describe it. So we decided to leave it to Billyracxx himself:


“I’ve been telling everybody it’s a genre-bending type of record. It’s something that we’re approaching the mainstream with this type of record. It’s definitely showing the type of sound that I got. It’s one of those lasting types of sounds. That’s what I hope everybody takes from this record.”

Billyracxx says that this music video represents the natural rebellion that comes with everything he does. 

“ So many people see me as like a videogame character, or a cult figure, or a real rising star… at the same time, there’s a lot of people who are still trying to figure me out. I’m art. You will never be able to figure me all the way out. But at least appreciate that it’s authentic.”

Billyracxx is mostly known for his stunning music videos, in which he’s acting as both the writer and creative director (apart from the acting itself, obviously). But more to that, his sound is what truly makes him unique. The mix of Hip Hop and Rock is not exactly a new thing, but he’s the one who really does it differently. Billyracxx says he’s been influenced by Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot, Ludacris, and David Ruffin; but there’s so much more to his music. 

“I’m subconsciously inspired by everything. My rock influences come from me waking up watching MTV at 5 in the morning.”

He also says that he writes a lot too. 

“For example, I’ll roll up a joint and just write to specific music until I finish or get bored,” Billyracxx says. “But a lot of times I get in studios and just vibe out in the moment. That’s where the most natural vibes come from.”

  The rapper is originally from Eatonville, Florida, however, he’s been calling Houston his home for over a decade. He started to gain popularity after his recent album, Religion (2019), which he calls his favorite project so far. 


“It’s my favourite work just because that’s the project that got me in line for the big things I was gonna do following that. With the buzz that Chasethemoney had, the project would go nationwide off the bat. Something triggered during that project. Something happened with my fanbase there that I can always relate back to and appreciate.” 

The album was written and conceptualized by Billyracxx himself, and produced by CHASETHEMONEY, who’s known for his collabs with Chance the Rapper, Valee, G Hebro, JID, and J. Cole.

Billyracxx says that it was one of those times when everything just happened in the moment. 


“It was in the moment I came in the studio and heard the production, I knew I needed to say something that needed to be felt in a lot of different ways. Most people don’t do that in their songs,” he says. “Right when I heard the beat, I just got on the mic and kind of just did what I was inspired to do in the moment.”

Billyracxx will be releasing a live performance video on August 31st, so stay tuned and watch out! Given the fact that each release is bigger and better than the last, there’s so much more to come.


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