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Once A Tree Releases “RUSH” But Want Us To Slow Down




Once A Tree, an award-winning electro-pop duo, from an Indigenous background, have just released their latest single “RUSH” with an accompanying music video. 

The duo made up of singer-songwriter, Jayli Wolf, and her partner, cinematographer and producer, Hayden Wolf separately grew up in Doomsday Cults before ultimately meeting each other chasing after a shared dream. 

The two first started expressing themselves through art in order to empower themselves, now they use it to empower their community. Jayli and Hayden often speak to the Indigenous youth about the entertainment industry, encouraging them to chase their dreams.  

In 2018, Once A Tree won an Indigenous Music Award for Best Electronic Album with their debut release Phoenix. 

Since then, the two have put out several singles and music videos, before ultimately taking some time off for the past several months, presumably working on the follow-up to Phoenix

Now they’re back with “RUSH”, a single filled with euphoric energy that is carried over into its well-accompanied music video; entirely shot and produced by the two while they were out in LA. The moody 808’s and light synths are pushed by running drums and clean percussion patterns, which make it difficult to sit still while listening.

Jayli sounds like she’s speaking through the voice of “the muse”, reminding listeners that they “don’t have to rush, and that they should “take their time” even when the world tells them not to. 

While speaking on the release, Once A Tree said, “We live in a world where people want instant gratification. But sometimes, chasing after that can leave you feeling empty. And the things that used to feel like magic lose their luster.”

Check out the well coloured and beautifully shot video below and let us know what you think about Once A Tree’s latest release, “RUSH”, by reaching out to us on socials.  


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