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Lu Kala Drops Another Pop Anthem, “No Smoke”.



Shot by  @itsyaboybish

Shot by @itsyaboybish

This Monday, Lu Kala dropped her new song “No Smoke” – upbeat, catchy, and empowering. Her sound is definitely different from what individuals may expect, and is more aligned with the current sound of Top40 rather than traditional Toronto R&B or rap. Kala describes herself as authentic and unapologetic, attempting to redefine what a pop star looks and sounds like.

Her latest single has a strong female voice, calling out any men who have tried to play the artist and not accepting excuses for their shortcomings. One of the lyrics that definitely speaks to the message of the song is, “if you coming for me, boy you better come correct”. This song would definitely be played at a pre on girl’s night, especially after someone got their heart broken.

Lu Kala’s voice shines in empowering pop anthems, and “No Smoke” is a great example of her tried and true style. 

You listen to “No Smoke” below. Make sure check out Kala’s Instagram for news on upcoming singles and projects @igobylu.


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