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JSP Is Here To Uplift With “Don’t Worry”



JSP is a multifaceted artist who has found that expression is his greatest gift. Whether it be through film, music, or whatever else he has planned – he’s going to make a statement. His debut single as a solo artist, “Don’t Worry” comes at a time of turmoil in the world. Even when it feels like the world is up in flames, JSP can lighten the mood.

JSP began working on the song towards the beginning of quarantine, finding that music was the best way for him to express himself through the tough reality. He’s said that the uncomfortable changes in our current times are what sparked the motivation for this song. “Don’t Worry” comes in with lighthearted synths and sounds of nature before we are introduced to an incredibly executed acoustic sounding drum pattern. JSP blends R&B, Pop, and running Hip Hop drums in order to create instrumentation that is perfect for the times. In addition to amazing production though, JSP spent almost the entire 4-minute song getting lyrics off his chest. JSP’s singing voice sounds great throughout the songs chorus’ and breakdowns, but he also impressed us with his rapping ability and unorthodox flow.



It’s clear that he has a lot to say, and the fact that he was even able start the conversation with a song as dope as this, is awesome. If the song itself isn’t light-hearted enough for you, you can throw on the Ryan Michaels directed music video above, which not only adds to the energy of the song, but also captures a utopian escape from the gloom that we might be feeling. Beautiful editing, blue skies, and green grass encompass an energy that we can only hope to move forward with for the rest of 2020 and beyond. Check out JSP’s debut single “Don’t Worry” on your preferred streaming platforms or check out the music video above. JSP deserves the recognition that he will inevitably get and we’re sure you’re going to be excited to share his music.


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