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Don’t Sleep on Clairmont’s “Dream” Visuals




Clairmont The Second, who has already released multiple albums at the age of 22, just released his new single “DREAM”. The single gives off Frank Ocean and Tyler the Creator vibes, and feels deeply nostalgic and a little trippy. The lyrics seem to be about an old friend or lover, with the chorus simply as “I hope that when I dream of you/ You dream of me too”. “DREAM” is more muted and less reliant on lyrics than some of his other popular singles like “Grip” and “The Ave In You”, which is an interesting change of pace and exemplifies the rapper’s range. Clairmont said the song was heavily influenced by Neo-Soul, Jazz, R&B, and Gospel – “the genres I heard all the time as a child and grew up on”. The videography in the music video definitely reflects this mood: the whole music video looks faded and vintage, popping with shades of green and blue, with the rapper in almost every shot. In the middle of the song, there’s a neon outline of Clairmont The Second lighting up the screen, verging on the psychedelic before returning to natural imagery. After winning a 2018 Juno nomination for Best Rap Recording, and a Hi-Fidelity Award for his work in 2019, it’s clear that this rapper is making a name for himself in the industry. With most of his work recorded and produced individually, the talent in his music shines through.



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