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dopeSMOOTHIES Feeds The Fans “ABC Soup”



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dopeSMOOTHIES is a Maryland-based musical artist. Yes, he raps, but he also does more than that. “ABC Soup” is music that is completely different from what we are used to hearing. dopeSMOOTHIES is authentic and soulful with his music, willing to experiment with sounds that listeners might never expect. In 2020 alone, dopeSMOOTHIES has released 3 separate mixtapes, all with distinct sounds. In addition to these tapes, the artist has steadily been releasing singles, the latest of which is “ABC Soup”. 

On “ABC Soup”, dopeSMOOTHIES plays with his vocal textures, utilizing heavy autotune to help bring the energy of the music to life. Production on the track is handled by Arizona-based producer BASSFNGRZ, who stays true to his name, using deep, bass-heavy electronic synths to help create this fun lucid sound palette that dopeSMOOTHIES absolutely bodies. The song is trance-like and immerses you into a digital playground, or dopeSMOOTHIES’ everyday life. 

When speaking on the song, dopeSMOOTHIES shared that when he gets in a place of restlessness, he is drawn to creating music that he would have fun listening to, which is exactly what “ABC Soup” was. 

“Soothing for me, maybe tough to swallow for naysayers. Eating your words is never easy to do.” Hence, “ABC Soup”, a song fed to you from the minds dopeSMOOTHIES and BASSFNGRZ, making you reconsider what you wanted to hear.

The track is a clear expression from an artist that cares more about what he enjoys than what the world expects, which is always a good sign. We can’t wait to hear more from him. Check out the song down below and on all streaming platforms now!


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