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Neon Dreams Release New Single + Video ‘Sick Of Feeling Useless’




Are we all kinda feeling useless during this time?

Maybe for some quarantine is a deal-breaker, but for Neon Dreams, it’s just an obstacle to overcome.

It started with a Reddit post in which the band wrote that they couldn’t make a ‘normal music video’ because of the isolation rules… so they took 2474 photos with an iPhone and came out with a whole stop motion video.

The video and their YouTube channel have been flooded with positive comments and support since; surely leading to an increase in fans.

The Canadian alt-pop band, Neon Dreams, consisting of Frank Kadillac (vocal) and Adrian Morris (drums), along with a long-time collaborator Corey Lerue, write and produce their own music, which they define as pigeonholing. Their music is a mix of elements from pop, rock, EDM, hip-hop, and even folk and reggae. 

According to Youtube comments, it seems like lots of people who’ve discovered them because of the Reddit post didn’t really know that Neon Dreams, had been in the game for quite a long time. They started the band back in 2015, and since then have had some notable releases, such as “Marching Bands”, “Survive”, and “High School Dropout”.

The latest release, ‘Sick Of Feeling Useless’, is not only a good-sounding tune that’ll surely remind you of early 2000s rock, but as I’ve already mentioned, has a great story behind the music video.  

The music video consists of footage made of those 2474 photos and some extra ‘easter eggs’. As I was reading through the comments, I realized how many of those I missed (even though I rewatched the video a couple of times, specifically to find them). Some of the most notable scenes (according to fans’ as well as myself) include Kirby eating Danny Phantom, Animal Crossing characters, Pac Man, Spiderman getting eaten by a dinosaur, and many more!

I find the idea to put this much detail into one video just astonishing. Listening to this song and seeing these little things in the video made me feel like I’m reliving my childhood and teenage years – taking me on a nostalgic rollercoaster.

You can check out the video and look for more easter eggs we haven’t found below: 

One of our favourite comments:

“You said you guys couldn’t do a “normal” music video on Reddit? It would have been wasted.” reads a Youtube comment by user named LEANBOX. “This is something that’s interesting, took time and effort and thought and originality. There are a million other music videos of people doing the same thing but this is the only song I’ve ever seen do this. As for the music, it gives off a happy vibe, almost something tropical to me if that makes sense. You guys are great, you took your situation and made it into something unique and fun that sounds awesome. Amazing job, and keep up the great work” 


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