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Exclusive Interview: Rising Toronto Artist MALACHI Releases New EP ‘Right Now’




Meet the next music sensation, MALACHI. He is a young, R&B artist who grew up on the outskirts of Toronto and has been encapsulated by music ever since. Growing up, he was inspired by his father’s career as a Trinidadian Reggae singer and by the gospel music in his grandmother’s choir. At the age of 4, he was singing away alongside his grandmother in church, and was immersed in the sounds of his mother’s favourite R&B artists like Destiny’s Child, Aaliyah and Mary J. Blige. 

During the last three years, MALACHI was dedicated to his growth as an artist. He worked on songwriting and vocal work in order to release his finest production. As a result of his hard work and creativity, he attracted the legendary music manager, Chris Smith, who decided to sign him to 21 Entertainment, via Universal Music Canada and Republic Records, which represent established artists like Alessia Cara. 


MALACHI is thriving as he kicks off the year with a passionate track. He began with the release of ‘Soul is Mine’, a song which emphasizes his vocal ability, and an accompanying music video for it in February. Last year was nothing less than extraordinary for the artist, he dropped his debut mix-tape, Bread Winner, and other successful singles such as ‘Son of a Gun’, ‘I Got You’, ‘We Don’t Mind’, ‘San Fernando Wine’ and now his latest album, Right Now

His debut single, ‘Right Now’ was first released last year and displayed the young artist’s impressive vocals and intense range. Fast forward to today, his new EP also titled, Right Now, releases May 15th and will surely be another powerful project. This EP consists of 7 tracks which features his recent tropical single, ‘Aquafina’ which is about summer nights and being in a happy place. So, what is this new EP about? What should fans expect? 

“It’s really a statement. It’s saying this is my time. New decade is ringing in, obviously it started off rough but moving forward it’s going to be my time. The takeover starts now, right now” says the artist. 

MALACHI is known for creating music that connects to his fans. His music feels real and authentic and he wants his fans to feel the emotion with him. But what inspires this outpouring creativity? His music and writing style? 

“Good writers, good lyrics, following ideas that are not basic and you know, it’s about uniqueness and concepts. Especially with videos, videos can help me think and write an idea or another song. It helps to see the difference among new artists. There are so many new artists coming out that like to push barriers and try a lot of new things. So, that always keeps me motivated when it comes to making new concepts and new songs, having that in mind.”


This young artist is only beginning, he plans to work with many different artists in the future. But as of right now, who does he want to work with? 

“This always changes every couple of months. Right now, who’s killing the game? Megan Thee Stallion, I think that’d be really fun. That can be an R&B or Rap collab. All these female artists are killing it right now, like Doja Cat, her song is still stuck in my head. And even Nicki Minaj. So yeah, a lot of these female artists, definitely Rihanna for sure.”

Much like these female artists, MALACHI hopes to be one of the biggest artists in the world. His goal is to constantly make music and to continuously evolve. He hopes to send this message to his fans and new listeners. 

“It’s not going to stop. Even with every song that I made, especially on the EP as well, they’re all different flows and different vibes. Nothing really sounds similar to each other; I think that’s the first thing I want people to understand. I’m always evolving and I’m not trying to give you the same thing. You’re going to know it’s me and you’re going to know it’s the same sound but not the same song. I’m trying to give you all the different types. I’ll be on a country record one day; I’ll be on a rock record another. I want to do it all. I want to always evolve and expand the versatility.”

Listen to MALACHI’s brand new EP out now on all platforms.


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